ASME B18.18-2017 pdf – Quality Assurance for Fasteners.
2.5.3 Reinspection. All sorted and/or reworked parts shall be resubmitted for lot sampling and inspection for the characteristic(s) found to be nonconforming and all other characteristics that would he affected by the repair or reprocessing operation(s) at a sample size that is two times the size of the original. If no parts in the sample inspected are found to be nonconforming, the material may reenter the production flow or may be approved for delivery or use as applicable.
2.6 Records
The supplier shall maintain records of inspections and tests as required by this plan. The records shall include the nature and number of observations made, number and type of deficiencies found, quantities of conforming and nonconforming parts, and any corrective action taken including any dispositions made in accordance with para. 2.5. Records shall he maintained for a minimum of 5 yr from the date of inspection, unless otherwise agreed upon by the purchaser and the supplier. Copies of the records shall be provided to the purchaser when requested.
2.7 Applicable Characteristics
Attributes to be evaluated during final inspection are outlined in the appropriate category sections of this Standard (see Table 1 or 2 as applicable). Product standards that specify inspection attributes shall take precedence over those specified in this document. Product standards that dictate inspection attributes shall dictate all inspection attributes.
A purchaser may specify inspection attributes in purchase documents. Purchasers that dictate inspection attributes shall dictate all inspection attributes.
2.8 Alteration Services and Partially Fabricated Parts
Alteration services and partially fabricated parts (e.g., washers, nuts, blanks, heat treating, and plating) may be purchased by the fastener supplier from subcontractors for use in the production of fasteners, provided the following requirements are met:
(a) The fastener supplier shall be responsible to the purchaser for the quality of the final product.
(b) The fastener supplier shall be responsible for the implementation of all requirements of this plan, including records.
(c) All lots that are processed by a subcontractor shall undergo inspection to determine if the parts conform to the requirements of the process and/or processes performed by the subcontractor.
3.1 Basic Category Structure
Category 1 is an optional receiving inspection plan for purchasers. This category utilizes a sampling plan that is not statistically based and focuses on attributes that affect form, fit, or function for the typical user. Purchasers may use this plan as a basis for determining product acceptability.
Receiving inspection is performed at the option of the purchaser. A purchaser may require a reseller to use this plan by specifying it as a requirement in the purchase agreement.
3.2 Designation
Designation of Category 1 on purchase documents is not required.
3.3 Lot Identification
Every effort should be made to maintain lot integrity. When lot identification is not provided for each container within a multiple container shipment of one item, the entire shipment may be handled as a single lot of fasteners when the sample sizes indicated in para. 3.4 are doubled.
3.4 Sample Size
A minimum of eight sample pieces, regardless of lot size, may be inspected for each applicable dimensional characteristic found in Table 4. For lots less than eight pieces, the entire lot may be inspected. The inspector may measure additional features that may be contained within individual fastener standards or purchaser drawings.
A minimum of two pieces may be inspected for each applicable mechanical property listed in Table 4.
4.1 Basic Category Structure
A Category 2 plan utilizes documented and verifiablein-process controls structured at the producer’s discre-tion. Parts and documentation shall be in compliancewith the requirements stated in this Standard and allsupplemental requirements agreed upon between pro-ducer and purchaser.The producer shall provide evi-dence of the system structure upon request. Finalinspection shall be performed by the producer with sam-ple size dependent on lot size.