ASME B30.6-2015 pdf – Derricks.
reeving: a rope system in which the rope travels around drums and sheaves.
repetitive pickup point: when operating on a repetitive cycle operation, that part of the rope which is leaving the drum when the load is first applied to the rope.
rock anchor: an anchoring device inserted in a hole drilled into rock or concrete. The device is secured in the hole to withstand a predetermined load.
rope: refers to wire rope unless otherwise specified.
rotation-resistant rope’: a wire rope consisting of an inner layer of strand laid in one direction covered by a layer of strand laid in the opposite direction. This has the effect of counteracting torque by reducing the tendency of the finished rope to rotate.
sideloading: a load applied atan angle to the vertical plane of the boom.
sill: a member connecting the foot block and stiffleg, or a member connecting the lower ends of a double-member mast.
standby derrick: a derrick not in regular service that is used occasionally or intermittently as required.
stiffleg: a rigid member supporting the mast at the head. swing: rotation of the mast or boom for movements of loads in a horizontal direction about the axis of rotation.
tzvo-blocking: the condition in which the lower load block or hook assembly comes in contact with the upper load block or boom point sheave assembly.
This Section specifies translations of safety-related information and control designations.
(a) Translation of non-English documentation into English
(1) The wording of written non-English safety information and manuals regarding use, inspection, and maintenance shall be translated onto English by professional translation industry standards, which include, but are not limited to, the following:
(-a) translation of the complete paragraph message, instead of word by word
(-b) grammatical accuracy
(-c) respectfulness of the source document content without omitting or expanding the text
(-d) accurate translation of the terminology
(-e) reflection of the level of sophistication of the original document
(2) The finished translation shall be verified for compliance with (a)(1)(-a) through (a)(1)(-e) above by a qualified person having an understanding of the technical content of the subject matter.
Society of Mechanical Engineers.
teria1 without written consent of ASME.
(3) Pictograms used to identify controls shall be described in the manuals. The pictograms should comply with ISO 7000 or another recognized source, if previously defined. The text description shall meet the criteria of (a)(1) and (a)(2) above.
(b) Any non-English documentation provided in addition to English shall be translated and reviewed in accordance with the requirements listed above.
Persons performing the functions identified in this Volume shall, through education, training, experience, skill, and physical fitness, as necessary, be competent and capable to perform the functions as determined by the employer or employer’s representative.
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