IEC 63185 relates to a measurement method for complex permittivity of a dielectric substrates at microwave and millimeter-wave frequencies.This method has been developed to evaluate the dielectric properties of low-loss materials used in microwave and millimeter-wave circuits and devices.It uses higher-order modes of a balanced-type circular disk resonator and provides broadband measurements of dielectric substrates by using one resonator,where the effect of excitation holes is taken into account accurately on the basis of the mode-matching analysis.
7.2 Adjustment of measurement conditions
Set up the measurement conditions of a vector network analyzer.The interval between discrete frequency points shall preferably be less than one tenth of the half width of the resonant
waveform.Intermediate frequency band width(IFBW)´╝îlike as digital band pass filter condition in vector network analyzer,is determined such that the noise floor is at least 20 dB lower than the peak values.
7.5 Periodic checkup of metal in resonator
Since the conductivity of the conductor plates and circular disk degrades due to oxidation of the metals and scratches on the surfaces,the quality of the metals of the resonator shall be checked periodically.It can be checked by measuring the conductivity by using the two dielectric resonator method [5].Instead,it can be checked by measuring the same low-loss sample periodically.By checking the reproducibility of the measurement results of loss tangent of the specified verification sample,it is possible to find the surface characteristic change in the metals of the resonator.
IEC 63185:2020 pdf download- Measurement of the complex permittivity for low-loss dielectric substrates balanced-type circular disk resonator method.