ISO 10161-2:1997 pdf download – lnformation and documentation – Opensystems Interconnection – InterlibraryLoan Application Protocol Specification -Part 2: Protocol implementation conformance statement (PICS) proforma.
5 Layout
Annc A contains the actual puforma Lu be tilled in by an iinplciiie,flur clairniri confomiarice to ISO 10161-I. The PICS pwfornia has bec,i designed to be a selfcontained section of this part of ISO 10161. lot use in testing and procurement,
6 Conformance
A conforming PICS shall:
a. be technically equivalent to the ISO published PICS proforma and shall pt’escrc the nunibering and ordering of the items in the ISO PICS profotina.
b. include the information necessar to uniquely identify both the supplier and the implerneiita(iun.
A supplier shall complete Lhi PICS proforma in accordance with the instructions for cornpktio4i givcil in clauses 7 and 9.
7 Notations I)cI.ned in the Pruforma In order to reduce the size of the tables in the proforma. a number of abbreviations have been introduced. The definition of each of these follows:
For column headings:
‘D’. Defined in ISO 10161-I. This column indicates the level of support required fuecotifurinaticeto ISO 10161-I.
1’; lmplcnicntativn indicator. This column
shows which parameters or other details have or have not been iiiiplcniciitcd.
7.1 Column
mandatory: wpport for this feature is required for conformance to ISO
o’: optional: support for this feature is permitted, but is not reqLilred for conformance to ISO 10161-I. However, if this feature is implemented. it must conform to the specifications and restrictions contained in ISO 10161-I These restrictions may ailed the op(ionahty of other features.
c’ conditional’ support for this teature is mandatory if certain conditions as specified in ISO 10161-I are met. [he conditions to be met are indicated by an integer referencing a table of conditions at the end of each proforma
‘cc’: conditional on supporting communication service: c.upporl for this feature is mandatory ilthe supporting communication service is store-and- forward service; support is optional if the supporting communication service is connection-oriented
ncu applicable
7.2 ‘1’ Column
The ‘I’ column shall be completed by the supplier or impleznentor to indicate the level of implementation of each feature. The Proforma has been designed such that the only entries required in the ‘I’ column are:
‘Y’: Yes, the feature has been implemented ‘N’: No. the feature has not been
‘-‘: Not applicable to this implementation
7.3 Reference. Usage or Range of Values’ Column
The ‘ReV’rreric. Us.igc or Range of Values’ column requires the specification of infunitation pertaining to the usage or range of values implemented for a feature, where rekaiu an&or where the implementation has restrictions or limits not present in
ISO 10161.1.
If the piuforina has insufficient room for a coiiuplcic description of the usage or range of values for an particular feature, a reference to an attachment on a separate page may be given hcrc.
S PICS Numbers
Each line in the PICS pmforma which requires implementation detail in he supplied is numbered at the left-hand edge of the line This numbering is included as a means of uniquely identifiying all possible implementation details within the proforma The need for such unique referencing has been identified by testing bodies.
Other specifically identified information shall be provided by the implementor where requested.
No changes shall be made to the proforma except the addition of responses as required. Recognizing that the level of detail required may. in some instances, eKceed the space available for responses, the implcmcntor may continue the response on separate paper (so indicating this in the space provided) and provide a reference (see cbuse 8).