ISO 10349-11:1992 pdf download – Photography —Photographic-gradechemicals -Test methods 一 Part 11: Determination of specific gravity.
This part of lSO10349specifies a general testmethod for the determination of the specific gravity(relative density)of solutions used in’photographicprocessing.
2Normative reference
The following standard contains provisions which.。through reference in this text. constitute provisionsof this part of ISO10349.At the time of publication.the edition indicated was valid.All standards are sub-ject to revision, and parties to agreements based onthis part of ISO 10349 are encouraged to investigatethe possibility of applying the most recent edition ofthe standardindicated below. Members of IECandiso maintain registers of currently valid InternationalStandards.
IsO10349-1:1992,_Photography-_ Photographic-grade chemicals – Test methods —Part T: General.
3 Hazards
See ISo10349-1 for general hazard warnings for thehandling of chemicals.
4 Apparatus
4.1 Hydrometer,constantmass.variable-displacement calibrated hydrometer with 0,001 sub-divisions at 15,6c (6oFrelative to distilled waterat 16,6 c (GoF).
NOTE 1_Most common hydrometers are calibrated foruse at 2oC.Hydrometers callibrated at other temperaturesmay be used with appropriate corrections.Ahydrometercalibrated at 25℃, the temperature for the determination.would be particularly convenient.
4.2 Hydrometer cylinder, clear glass vessel of ap-proximately 250 ml capacity, cylindrical in shape andtaller than the hydrometer.
4.3 Constant-temperature water-bath, with pumpand heating system designed to maintain a circulatingcurrent and constant temperature (士0,05°G).Thebath shall be deep enough to keep that part of thehydrometer cylindor which contains the sample belowthe surface of the water. The bath temperature shallbe set at 25C.
5 SamplingSee ISO 10349-1.
Pour a test portion of 100 ml of the test sample intothe hydrometer cylinder (4.2).Place the hydrometercylinder with the test portion in the water-bath (4.3》and allow it to equilibrate to the bath temperature.Carefully lower the appropriate hydrometer (4.1y intothe cylinder and allow it to flioat freely.
Read the specific gravity as the division on thehydrometer scale at the bottom of the solutionmeniscus.
NOTE 2 To convert the specific gravity measured usinga hydrometer calibrated at 15,6 C to a spocific gravity at 25 °C.divide the result by 1.00197 (the ratio of the densityof water at these two temperatures).
7Test report
The test report shall specify the method used and thetest result obtained.
lt shall also mention all operating details not specifiedin this part of ISO 10349,or regarded as optional, to-gether with details of any incidents which may haveinfluenced the test result.
The test report shall include all information necessaryfor the complete identification of the sample.