ISO 7575:1993 pdf download – Commercial road vehicles — Flat attachment wheel fixing nuts.
ISO 7575 specifies the essential di-mensions of hexagon nuts with_a flat seat captivewasher for 18 mm,20 mm and 22 mm studs.
ltapplies to nuts designed for fixing flat attachmentwheels with centring on a central bore, the dimen-sions of which are specified in ISO 4107.
2 Normative reference
The following standard contains provisions which.through reference in this text,constitute provisionsof this lnternational Standard.At the time of publi-cation,the edition indicated was valid. All standardsare subjectto revision, and parties to agreementsbased on this lnternational Standard are encouraged to investigate the possibility of applying the most re-cent edition of the standard indicated below. Mem-bers of IEC and IsO maintain registers of currentlyvalid international Standards.
ISO 4107:1979.Road vehicles – Wheeis for com-mercial vahicles – Dimensional characteristics of at-tachment on hub.
3 Dimensions
Dimensions and tolerances shall be as specified infigure 1 and table 1.
Only the dimensions _necessary to ensure inter-changcability are Specifiod. Tho nut technology. andparticularty the design of the nut relative to thewasher, is left to the manufacturer.