ISO 8048:1984 pdf download – Technical drawings – Construction drawings -epresentation of views,sections and cuts.
ISO 8048 lays down general rules for mark-ing, deslgnation, placing and orientation of views, sections andcuts, and the position of text in relation to figures on construc-tion drawings.
For all general rulas,ralerenca ia made to lSO 128.As rogardsrelative positions of views, the mathod using referenoe arrowsaccording to lSO 128 is used.
lSO 128。Techeicaldrawaings — General prinsciples of presen-tafion.
ISO 1046,Architectuwral ard beifcing crawings – Vocabulary.ISo 3098/1,Techrnicalcrawings — Lettering – Part 1: Cur-rently used chasacters.
Iso 40R9,Rraitcing anr niil enginaering dirnuangs — Ranresen-tation of areas on sections and views – Genaral prinscipVes.ISO/TR 7084,echrical drawings – Coding and referencingsystems forbuiloing and crivierngineeringdrawings andassociated documerntS.
3Marking of views,sections and cuts
The direction of a view shill be marked with an arrow near therelerewwce figure lsce figures 1,5 and G.
The position and direation of viawing of a section or cut shali bemarked with a cutting plane (see lSO 128, type Hand arrowsnear tha reference figure (sae figures 2,3 and 5). The directionof view should be chosen to suit the needs of each individualprojact and of the information to be conveyed.
The cutting plane shall be drawn to a suitable length for logi-biity lsee figure 20.
lf the cutting plane is not straight,the plane shall be drawn toits full length isea figure 3).
5 Position and orientation
Filgures shall be placed in their order of deslignation (seefigures 5 and B. If posslble they shali be glven the same orlan-tation as the main figures.
Figures of dctails can also be grouped so that they give a com-pressed picture of an object or a part of it (soe figure 9.lf possibla,plans for one and the same project shall be orien-tated in the sama way on all the drawings.
lf nassibla, all other horizontal snctions and cuts shall be orien-tated in the same way as the main plans of the buildiling.Vertical sections and cuts shall be drawn upright,if possible.
6 Position of text in relation to figures
Taxt shall be written either ballow or to the right side of thefigure or immediately next to the element to which it wafers.Descriptive text and titles shall be written so that they can beread from belowe the drawing.
Text in connection with dimeneion and laader linas shall bewritten parallell to and slighthy( -1 mmJabove these lines.
Designation of parts of a building shall normally be written sothat they can be read from balow the dirawing, irrespactive ofthe orientation of the part on the drawing-
Titles common to groups of figures shall be placed to the loftand above the group of figures (see figure 10).
title referring to only one figure shell be placed balow thefigure and with the same edge to the left (see figures 10 and 11).
Dcsignations used for identification and referencing sha beseparately and clearfly identifiablla.This can be acoomplished,for example,by using bigger or thicker signs,undorlining orenclosing in circles.
Text,rnfarring to a figuro as a whole shall be placed below thefigure title and with the same edge to the left (see figure 10).