ISO 9904:2000 pdf download – Textile machinery and accessories一Steel pins for spinning preparatory and spinning machinery.
ISO 9904 specifies the dimensions, characteristics and designations of steel pins recommended
for spinning preparatory and spinning machinery.
2 Basic dimensions
The basic dimensions of the pins are given in Table 1.
4.2 Characteristics
Material: Steel (quality at the choice of the manufacturer)
Vickers hardness: 620 HV2 to 750 HV2
Surface roughness: Mi , 0,1 im
4.3 DesIgnation
The designation of a round pin with notch shall include the following information in the order given:
a) “round pin with notch:
b) reference to this International Standard:
C) diameter number:
d) length, Ii
e) letter K for notch.
5 Flat pins
5.1 Dimensions
There are two types of flat pin:
— Type A: 2 I for 9.53 ii 17,46 (shown in Figure 3)
— Type 8:12 = for 19,05 I, 28,58
They dimensions are given in Table 4.