ISO IEC 20000-1:2011 pdf – Information technology一Service management一 Part 1: Service management system requirements.
NOTE I A management system is a set of interrelated or interacting elements to esablesh policy and objectives and to achieve those objectives.
NOTE 2 The SMS indudes all service management policies. objectives. plans, processes, documentation and resources required for the design, transition, delivery and improvement of services and to fulfil the requirements in thie part of ISO1IEC 20000.
NOTE 3 Adapted from the definition of quahty management system Wi ISO 9000:2005.
service provider
organization or part of an organization that manages and delivers a service or services to the customer
NOTE A customer cen be internal or external to the service providers organization.
service request
request for information, advice, access to a service or a preapproved change
service requirement
needs of the customer and the users of the service, including service level requirements, and the needs of the service provider
organization or part of an organization that is external to the service provider’s organization and enters into a contract with the service provider to contribute to he design, transition, delivery and improvement of a service or services or processes
NOTE Suppliers inckide designated lead suppliers but not their sub-contracted spliers
top management
person or group of people who direct and control the service provider at the highest level
NOTE Adapted from ISO 9000:2005,
activities involved in moving a new or changed service to or from the live environment
4 Service management system general requirements
4.1 Management responsibility
4.1.1 Management commitment
Top management shall provide evidence of its commitment to planning, establishing, implementing, operating. monitoring, reviewing, maintaining, and improving the SMS and the services by:
a) establishing and communicating the scope, policy and objectives for service management;
b) ensuring that the service management plan is created, implemented and maintained in order to adhere to the policy, achieve the objectives for service management and fulfil the service requirements:
C) communicating the Importance of fulfilling service requirements;
d) communicating the importance of fulfilling statutory and regulatory requirements and contractual obligations:
e) ensuring the provision of resources;
1) conducting management reviews at planned intervals;
9) ensunng that nsks to services are assessed and managed.
4.1.2 Service management policy
Top management shall ensure that the service management policy;
a) is appropnate to the purpose of the service provider:
b) Includes a commitment to fulfil service requirements.
C) includes a commitment to continually improve the eflectiveness of the SMS and the services through the policy on continual improvement in Clause 45.5,1:
d) provides a framework for establishing and reviewing service management objectives:
e) is communicated and understood by the service providers personnel:
f) is reviewed for continuing suitability.
4.1.3 Authority, r.sponslblllty and communication
Top management shall ensure that:
a) service management authorities and responsibilities are defined and maintained:
b) documented procedures for communication are established and implemented.
4.1.4 Management representative
Top management shall appoint a member of the service providers management who. Irrespective of other responsibilities, has the authorities and responsibilities that include:
a) ensuring that activities are performed to identify, document and fulfil service requirements;
b) assigning authorities and responsibilities for ensuring that service management processes are designed. implemented and improved in accordance with the policy and objectives for service management:
C) ensunng that service management processes are integrated with the other components of the SUS:
d) ensuring that assets, including licences, used to deliver services are managed according to statutory and regulatory requirements and contractual obligations;
e) reporting to top management on the performance and opportunities for improvement to the SMS and the services.