UL 2388:2002 pdf download – Flexible Lighting Products.
16 Attachment Plugs
16.1 An attachment plug shall be a standard NEMA type 1-15 (15 A. 120 V) or 1-20 (20 A. 120 V) configuration. For flexible lighting products that are extendable or provided with a detachable power supply cord, the attachment plug shall be fused and polarized.
Reis.d 16,1 oI?ecbve February 28,2009
16.2 Attachment plugs shall comply wTth the applicable requirements of the Standard for Attachment Plugs and Receptacles, UL 498 or the Standard for Cord Sets and Power Supply Cords. UL 817.
EftoCtIVe dale for 16.2 dianged from July 3. 2003 to Noverrtei 1.2003
16.3 Attachment plugs, cord connectors, current taps arid other wiring devices that comply with the applicable requirements in the Standard for Seasonal and Holiday Decorative Products. UL 588 are permitted to be employed in products covered under this standard,
16.3 revised June 28. 2004
17 InterconnectIng Means
17.1 Connectors shall comply with the applicable requirements of the Standard for Attachment Plugs and Receptacles, UL 498 or the Standard for Cord Sets and Power Supply Cords, UL 817 and shall be suitable for making and breaking under load with respect to the Overload, Temperature, and Resistance to Arcing Tests described in the Standard for Attachment Plugs and Receptacles. UL 498.
17.1 revIsed June 28. 2004
17.2 Crimp connections made between internal wiring and a connector shall comply with the Crimp Connection Secureness Test, Section 33.
Efleclive date for 17.2 diarged from July 3, 2003 to Novgrre 1. 2003
17.3 The interconnecting means shall consist of connector parts where the means of maintaining polarity, strain relief, and maintaining electrical connections are inherent in the construction of the interconnecting parts.
EffeCtive date for 17.3 dwiged from July 3. 2003 to Noven-ear 1, 2003
17.4 An interconnecting means shall not require any assembly by the user other than the connection of mating male and female connectors.
Method B – Mounting On Pole – The flexible light shall be tightly coiled for 10 turns around a 6±0.25 inch (152±6.35 mm) diameter wooden pole to form a single layer of adjacent turns.Thetemperatures shall be measured in the middle of the coil; or
Method C- For Flexible Lights with Decorative Parts – The flexible light with the decorativeparts shall be tested as mounted in the intended manner.The temperatures shall be measuredon the parts most likely to produce the highest temperatures.
23.3 revised December 20, 2006
23.4 An extendible flexible lighting unit shall be provided with a suitable load to represent the totalmaximum length specified by the manufacturer.
Eective date lor 23,4 changed from July 3,2003 to Novemiber 1, 2003
23.5 Temperature measurements are to be made with 30 AWG iron Constantan thermocouple wires andan appropriate measurement instrument.The unit is to be operated until constant temperatures areobtained, where constant temperatures are indicated by the test running for at least 3 hours and wherethree successive readings at thirty minute intervals are within 1.8°F(1C) of one another and not stillrising.
Effective date for 23.5 changed from July 3.2003 to Novemiber 1, 2003
23.6 Temperature measurements of the flexible light housing shall be made by thermocouples in contactwith the inner surface of the tube as close as possible to a light (heat) source. This may be accomplishedby slitting or drilling through the enclosure to an appropriate depth, taking care not to othenwise damagethe sample or create additional openings that would permit heat dissipation not representative of anotherwise intact specimen.
E自ective date lor 23.6 changed flrom July 3, 2003 to November 1, 2003
24 Abnormal Operation Test
24.1 The flexible light of maximum rated length shall be tightly coiled around a 6 inch (152.4 mm)diameter mandrel to form a single layer of 10 adjacent turns. Four pieces of string, distributed equidistantlyaround the coil at 90 degree increments,are to be used to secure the coil in this configuration. Themandrel shall then be removed, and the sample placed on a tissue paper covered soft wood board andthen in turn covered with a single layer of tissue paper.