UL 248-5:2005 pdf download – Low-Voltage Fuses一Part 5: Class G Fuses.
NOTE This Pan is 4,iended to be read together aWl, the Standard Jr Low Voltage Fuses – Part 1: General Requenients, hereafter
relarred to as Pant. Th nmjsevlng of the Clauses N this Part ctwreson.j to e numbered Claue5 in ParT 1. The reuiremehIs of Part I wWess mcdl led by this Part. For Clauses nOt shoem below, refer to the Standard b-Low-Voltage Fuses – Part I:
General Requirements. NMX-J-0C92485-2000-ANCE • CANCSA C22.2 No. 248.1 . Ut 248-1.
1.1 Scope
This Part applies to Class G fuses rated 20 A or less, 600 V ac; 21 — 60 A, 480 V ac. DC ratings are optional.
4 ClassifIcation
Class G fuses are non-renewable and current limiting, with an interrupting rating of 100.000 A. Class G fuses are divided Into four body sizes. The maximum current rating, I, for each size is specified in this Part. Time-delay ratings are optional.
5 CharacterIstics
5.2 Voltage rating
For AC. the rating shall be 600 V ac for the 0 — 20 A body sizes, and 480 V ac for the 21 — 60 A body sizes. The DC voltage rating may be different from the AC rating.
5.3 Current rating
Refer to Figure A for range of current ratings in each body size.
5.5 Interrupting rating
For AC — 100,000 A
For DC. the preferred ratings are 10.000. 20.000, 50.000, or 100,000 A.