AS 2201.2:2022 – Alarm and electronic security systems Part 2: Monitoring centres.
4.7.2 Grade C
At a minimum, the following amenities shall be contained within the monitoring centre premises:
(a) One toilet.
(b) One handbasin.
(c) A meal preparation area, including sink
4.8 Airconditioning and ventilation
4.8.1 Grades A and II
Monitoring centres shall be airconditioned and ventilated by a dedicated and independent air- conditioning and ventilation system operated by the legal entity. The air.conditloning and ventilation system shall not be used to service areas other than the monitoring centre.
The external air intake shall be located not less than 3 m from any publicly accessible area. NOTE Water supply for air conditioning equipment need not be a dedicated supply.
4.8.2 Grade C
No specific requirements.
4.9 Fire system
4.9.1 Smoke detection and alarm warnings
Smoke detection and alarm warnings shall be provided in —
(a) the monitoring centre: and
(b) any entry and exit pathways for monitoring centre staff.
The smoke detection and alarm warning system may be a dedicated unit or form part of the intruder alarm system, referred to in Clauiei7. with each of the three zones independently annunciated within the monitoring centre 24 h per day and signalled to the Intruder alarm system referred to in Clause 5.7.
4.9.2 FIre extinguisher
The monitoring centre shall have at least two portable lire extinguishers. Portable fire extinguishers shall be installed and maintained in accordance with AS 1851 In Australia or NZ 4503 in New Zealand.
4.9.3 Grade A
The monitoring centre lire system shall have one olthe following at a minimum:
(a) Fire detection and alarm system installed in accordance with AS 1670.1.
(b) Sprinkler system installed in accordance with AS 2118.1 with an occupant warning system installed in accordance with AS 1670.1, with —
(i) detection equipment powered from a control unit that is connected to the monitoring centre power supply; and
(ii) detectors installed in accordance with AS 1670.1.
(c) Integrated system installed In accordance with AS 1670,1 and AS 2118.1.
Section 5 Monitoring centre control and security
5.1 Right of tenure
Monitoring centre premises shalt be owned or secured by lease by the same legal entity or associated legal entity that operates the monitoring centre
5.2 Residential exclusions
5.2.1 All grades
Residential living facilities shall not be Incorporated In the monitoring centre premises.
NOTE Residential living facilities do not include operator-only single beds (ol a temporary-sleeping nature,
with no associated facilities such as kitchen or lounge etc.) that are contained within the monitoring centre,
5.3 Video surveillance system
A video surveillance system in accordance with AS/NZS 62676.1.1 and AS/NZS 62676.4 shall be provided as specified in Clauses 5.4 and 5.5.
5.4 External area surveillance
5.4.1 Grades A and B
Where any wall, floor or ceiling of the monitoring centre shell forms part of the external envelope of the monitoring centre premises, the adjacent external area shall be continuously monitored from within the monitoring centre by visual surveillance in order to enable a response.
An electronic seismic detection system shall be fitted to this section of the monitoring centre shell where:
(a) Adjacent building structures or structural boundaries of the monitoring centre premises prevent visual surveillance of the area adjacent to the external envelope.
(b) The monitoring centre is less than 10 m from any public area surface.
The seismic system shall be monitored In accordance with Clause 5.7. The seismic system alarm shall annunciate audibly within the monitoring centre.
NOTE Surveillance Images should be masked where there are privacy requirements relating to nearby buildings.
5.4.2 Grade C
No specific requirements.
5.5 Monitoring centre shell surveillance
5.5.1 Grade A
Where the legal entity operating the monitoring centre does not have exclusive control of a 2 m buffer zone in all directions around the monitoring centre shell, the non-exclusive areas shall be continuously monitored by physical or real time visual surveillance operated from within the monitoring centre shell.
Where any monitoring centre shell surface is in contact with the ground, the surface is deemed to be under exclusive control by the monitoring centre. Surveillance of these surfaces is not required.