AS 3850.1:2015 pdf – Prefabricated concrete elements Part 1: General requirements.
The location of the post-installed brace insert shall be such that the edge distance, denoted by c. (refer to Figure AX(b)], is large enough that edge failure is avoided during installation.
Following installation, the post-installed brace insert shall be connected to the test rig (sec Figure AX). without gap between the post-installed brace insert and the interchangeable sleec in the loading plate (see Figure A8). The load shall be applied parallel to the concrete surface. A plac with interchangeable sleeves may be used for testing different sized post-installed brace inserts (see Figure AX). The sleeves shall be made of quenched steel and have radiused edges (0.4 mm) where they arc in contact with the post-installed brace insert. In general, the height of the sleeves shall he the same as the fixture plate, as stated in Paragraph A9.4.2. The inner diameter of the shear lest sleeve shall correspond to the sizes given in Table A6.
To reduce friction, a smooth shcct (e.g. PTFF.) with a maximum thickness of 2mm shall he placed between the concrete specimen and the loading plate and sleeve.
Where steel failure is expected, the clear distance may be reduced to less than 2c,1 (see Figure A84b), Appendix A and Figure B4. Appendix HJ.
A9.4.2 In.ctrumentaiian
The displacements of the post-installed brace insert relative to the concrete shall he measured in the direction of the load application (see Figure AX(a)]. Direct measurement of the post-installed brace insert displacement shall he made relative to a basic point at least hd from the centre of the post-installed brace insert.
The load and displacement measurements shall be recorded at a rate not less than
10 readings per second throughout the test. The measuring error shall he not greater than
0.02 mm for displacement and 2% of the load throughout the entire measuring range.
ii9,4.4.3 .4ppIiciIion of/nail
The shear load shall be applied in such a manner that the peak load occurs 1 to 3 nun after the commencement of loading. The application of load shall increase until failure is achieved, denoted by a drop in the load-carrying capacity.
In the event the test is conducted in displacement control, the test shall be continued beyond ultimate load until the load has reduced to at least 75% of the ultimate load (to allow for the drop of the load-displacement curve).
A9. Assessment
During (he installation process, post-installed brace inserts shall not tail by breakage of the bolt, shank or threaded section. pull-through, or cause failure of the concrete. The post-installed brace insert shall be capable of achieving the recommended installation torque for the tension, shear and cyclic tests. If this criterion is not met or if there arc noticeable abnormalities, the post-installed brace insert shall be deemed unsuitable.
A9..2 Torque assessmen(
The 95% fractile of the tension force generated in the torque tests at a torque moment T l.3T10 shall be less than the nominal yield force (A.f,.,) of the post-installed brace insert. After the test, the connection shall be capable of being unscrewed.
If the teitsion force generated in the post-installed brace insert is greater than the nominal yield force at T = I 3T.,. the installation torque shall he reduced and the test repeated until the tension flirce in the insert is less than nominal yield force (A,.f). All tests for Series I shall be repeated with the revised installation torque value.
A53 Strength in tension obtained from basic tension tests
A9.5.3.1 Mode of failure
The failure mode of each specimen shall be identifiod from the following:
(a) Steel failure.
(b) Concrete cone failure.
(C) Pull-out failure.
If during a test series ditterent failure modes occur, and one failure mode predominates and other failure modes occur and are of similar capacities, the failure modes and failure loads of the tests shall be recorded in the test report. The a%erage titilure load, taking into account all results as the failure load associated with the predominant failure mode, shall be reported.