AS 4961:2003 pdf – Electric cables- Polymeric insulated- For distribution and service applications.
3.8.1 Material
The wire o the neutral conductor shall be of plain annealed copper in accordance siIh
AS/N/S 1125.
3.8.2 Formation
The minimum diameter of wires in the neutral conductor shall conform to the requirements of Table 12. The wires shall be uniformly distributed and applied with a waseform lay. The design gap between the adjacent wires shall not exceed 4 mm.
The wavelength of the waveform lay and the minimum developed length of each wire in a wavelength shall be as follows:
(a) Wavelength
The wavelength shall be within iS percent of the value given in Table 3.2.
(h) Minimum deelopcd length
The minimum developed length of each wire in a wavelength shall be 106 percent of the vvavelength.
3.8.3 Resistance
[he d.c. resistance of the neutral conductor shall not exceed the value given in Table 3.2.
3.9.1 Material
The sheath shall be V.90 in accordance with AS/N/S 3808.
3.9.2 Thickness
The average thickness of the sheath. when determined in accordance with
ASINZS 1660.2.1. shall he not less than that specified in Table 3.2 and the minimum
thickness at any point shall not fall below the specified thickness (ij by more than
10 percent of the specified thickness plus 0.15 mm. i.e.
minimum thickness (0.90i,— 0.15 nun)
3.9.3 Colour
[he sheath shall he coloured black.
3.10.1 Information to be marked
Cables shall he marked with the following information on the sheath—
(a) a registered name or registered mark, which enables the manufacturer or supplier of the cable to be identified:
(b) year of manufacture:
(C) designation of insulation. i.e. X-90:
(d) the words CWN ELECTRIC CAHI.E and the vohage rating, e.g. 0.6,1 kV.
3.10.2 Means of marking
Marking shall be legible. durable and comprise block characters arranged along two approximately diametrically opposed lines.
Letters and figures shall consist of upright block characters. The maximum height of the characters shall be 13 mm and the minimum height IS percent of the nominal oserall diameter of the cable or 3 mm, sshichcver is greater.
The gap between the end of the block of marking and the beginning of the next shall not exceed 550 mm.
Every drum length of cable shall have both ends of the cable sealed to prevent the ingress ofater. Suitable measures shall be taken to protect cable on drums from damage. The end of the cable projecting from the drum barrel shall also be protected.
Every packaging unit of cable shall have the following information indicated by means of an attached tag or label or by marking directly on the unit:
(a) A registered name or registered mark, which enables the manufacturer or supplier of the cable to be identiFied.
(b) Drum traceability number.
(c) The voltage rating. e.g. 0.6/I kV.
(d) The core conductor size.
(C) The catalogue number or type number or name or other marking to distinguish the cablc
(I’) Length of cable.
NOTE: Manufacturers making a statement of compliance with this Australian Ncw Zealand Standard on a product. packaging, or promotional material related to that product are advised to ensure that such compliance is capable of being verified.
3.13 TESTS
3.13.1 General
Cables shall comply with the tests in ‘fable 3.1.
A type test includes all tests specified in Table 3.1. including the routine and sample tests,
The results of the tests shall he recorded and shall he available in the form of a test report.
3.13.2 Spark test on sheath
The spark test on the sheath shall be carried out between the external surface of the sheath and the neutral conductor. The test method shall be in accordance with AS/NZS 1660.3. except that the test voltage shall be that applicable to an insulation of the same thickness as the sheath.
The neutral condLictor shall be earthed during the test.
3.133 High soltae test for 5 mm on i.siilation
The completed cable shall he subjected to the high voltage lest for 5 mm in accordance with AS/NZS 1660.3 with the test voltage applied as lollows:
Between each core coiiductor and the other core conductors connected together. and also between all core conductors connected together and the neutral conductor.