AS 5235.1:2021 – Cranes -Information labels Part 1: General (Iso 9942-1:2015, MOD).
This part of ISO 9942 specifies the minimum requirements for labels for the Identification (marking) and the operation of cranes.
2 Identification data
2.1 Manufacturers data
As a minimum, the following Information shall figure permanently on every crane:
— name of the supplier;
— name of the manufacturer:
— year of manufacture:
— serial number;
— model.
2.2 Loading data
Information on the maximum loadings (capacities) shall figure permanently on the crane and be easily legible.
This information is also required to avoid overloading; see the other parts of ISO 9942.
3 Information on operation of the crane by the crane operator
3.1 Control installations and indicating devices
The Information shall be attached where it Is easily visible.
Further information shall he available in the product-specific standards.
3.2 Tasks of the crane operator
Information relating to the tasks of the crane operator on or near the control installations of cranes shall include information about his tasks prior to, during and after crane operation. This shall be in the form of a permanently attached label In the cab, or at the operators station If there is no control platform.
If there is no control platform (for example, on cranes which are controlled from the ground), the tnformatlon labels shall be attached near the switching elements fur the energy supply to the crane.
4 Information for persons within working range of the crane
In order to avoid hazards during the operation of the crane, it might be necessary to provide additional information depending on the type of crane and its operation.
This appendix lists the normative variations to ISo 9942-1:2015.
The following modifications are required for Australian conditions:Element Instruction/New text
Delete list and replace with the following:—name of the supplier;
—name of the manufacturer;year of manufacture;-serial number;
-group classification;
—classification of hoisting mechanism(s); and-maximum rated capacity.