AS 60034.7:2009 – Rotating electrical machines Part 7: Classification of types ofconstruction, mounting arrangements and terminal box position (IM Code).
This part of IEC 60034 specifies the IM Code, a classification of types of construction, mounting arrangements and the terminal box position of rotating electrical machines.
Two systems of classification are provided as follows:
— Code I (see section 2): An alpha-numeric designation applicable to machines with end- shield bearing(s) and only one shaft extension
— Code II (see section 3): An all-numeric designation applicable to a wider range of types of machines including types covered by Code I.
The type of machine not covered by Code II should be fully described in words
The relationship between Code I and Code Ills given in annex A
1.2 DefinItions
For the purposes of this part of IEC 60034. the following definitions apply
type of construction
the arrangement of machine components with regard to fixings, bearing arrangement and shaft extension
(1EV 604111334)1)
mounting arrangement
the orientation on site of the machine as the whole with regard to shaft alignment and position of fixings
(1EV 60411-13-35)
shaft extension
a portion of a shaft extending beyona an extreme bearing
(1EV 60411-13-07)
NOTE The C..nng m.y b. on Ui. machine ts.if or be part ot an aas.mbiy cornprr,InQ a machine arid (an) additional bearing(s)
drive-end of a machine (D-end)
that end of the machine which accommodates the shaft end
(1EV 60411.13.36)
NOTE This is normally th, driving end ot a motor or th, driven and ot a gen.rator
Where for some machines the above definition is inadequate, the D-end is defined as follows
a) Machine with two shaft extensions of ditlerent diameter. the end with the larger shaft dIameter,
b) Machine with a cylindrical shaft extension and a conical shaft extension of the same diameter the end with cylindrical shaft extention,
C) Machine with other arrangements according to IEC 60034-8 if applicable, otherwise by agreement
NOTE The outer diameter of a flange is taken to be the diameter of the shaft extension.
non-drive end of the machine (N-end) that end of the machine opposite to the drive end
(1EV 60411-13-37).
Section 2: Code I (alpha-numeric designation)
2.1 Designation of machines with horizontal shafts
In Code I, a machine with a horizontal shaft Is designated by the code letters IM (International Mounting), followed by a space, the letter B, one or two numerals as shown in table 1 and an optional letter as shown in 2 3.