AS CA-S041.2:2015 – Requirements for DSL Customer Equipment for connection to the Public Switched Telephone Network-Part 2: Modems for use in connection with all DSL services.
6.1 Verification of compliance with requirements
Compliance with all mandatory requwements In this AS/CA Standard is to be venfied This may be done by direct measurement. modelling and analysis. operation or inspection.
Methods for demonstrating compliance of CE with the requirements clauses spetied in this Standard are descflbed in Clauses 6.2 to 63.
Alternative methods of demonstrating compliance to those described may be used it the risk of pasng non-compliant CE is not increased because of increased measurement uncertasnty.
6.2 Standard test conditions
62,1 Unless this Standard provides otherwise, testing for compliance with th Standard should be conducted at the nominal supply voltage of the CE and within the following ranges of atmospheric conditions:
(a) An ambient temperature in the range of 15°C to 25°C inclusive.
(b) A relative humidity in the range of 45% to 75% inclusive.
(C) An air pressure in the range of 86 kPa to 106 kPa inclusive,
62.2 Where elements in a test configuration are variable, the test should be carried out over the indicated range for that element.
62.3 Unless indicated elsewhere within this Standard:
(a) the accuracy level of al measurements should be better than ±2% for voltage and current. ± 0.25% for frequency and ± 0.5% (or time; and
(b) the tolerance of the nominal 48 V d.c. test source should be
62.4 Unless indicated elsewhere within this Standard for an individual test. ai component values in the test configuration should have a tolerance of:
(a) ± 1% for resistance;
(b) ± 1% for capacitance; and
(c) -0%. +25% for inductors.
6.3 Parameters to be tested
6.3.1 Power supply
Modem under test to be powered dunng the test by the power supply intended for use in the Australian market.
6.3.2 Impedance balance (longitudinal Conversion Loss) Impedance balance is defined as the ratio U/V measured as shown in Figure 3. The test should be earned out by injecting a signal of 3 V r.m.s. between the earth and the midpoint of two resistors connected in series, in accordance with flU-T flee, 0,916]. Earth should be either TRC or potectrve earth termination, or both.
CE without an earth connection should be placed on an earthed metal plate of sufficient size.
Note: Impedance balance -20 log (UN) .
6.3.3 Noise performance
Appropriate noise measuremeni equment should be used as shown in the test rcuit of Figure 2
6.3.4 Test for DSL Line Impedance
This measurement should be performed by connecting a Vector Impedance meter or VF Level Tracer to the DSL modem Line port while the modem is in the powered up quiet state.
Note: Equipment suppliers should piowie details of a method for placing the CE in the Onine condtion with no signal being applied to line for a penod of not less than 10 minutes.