AS ISO 24803:2021 – Recreational diving services – Requirements for recreational diving providers.
scuba instructor
individual qualified in accordance with ISO 248024 or ISO 24802-2 respectively
dive leader
individual qualified In accordance with ISO 24801.3
organized dive
service offered by a service provider where divers already at a qualification and experience level suitable for the diving activity arc taken to a dive site
guided dive
organized dive where clients are also accompanied underwater by an individual appointed by the service provider
risk assessment
identilicatlon of likely hazards and who may be harmed by them, the likelihood of harm and the applicable control measures
buddy team
group of two or three recreational divers who remain in close proximity to one another during a dive to provide mutual safety support
4 Common requirements
4.1 Minors and vulnerable persons
In the case of service provision to minors or vulnerable persons, providers shall be aware of the additional responsibilities this entails. The service provider shall implement policies and procedures designed to provide reasonable protection and precautions against abuse occurring during the service provider’s activities.
I)ocumented parental or legal guardian consent shall he obtained when the client is a minor. NOTE The age of a minor is defined by local legislation.
4.2 Information to be provided
4.2.1 Introductory Information
The service provider shall provide the following locally relevant information to the client:
(a) conditions regarding the responsibilities of each party related to commencement, delivery and termination of the service;
(b) the consequences for the service provider and the client if either party should choose to cancel the service;
(c) prerequisites and any qualification requirements In order to obtain the service (e.g. medical certilication, diver qualifications);
(d) equipment requirements;
(e) costs;
(g) restricted zones;
(h) suitability of the site for planned activities including hazardous fauna and flora;
(I) emergency action plan.
The service provider shall have the right to prevent any client from taking part in the activity if,
lollowing a risk assessment, this is deemed to be in the best interest of the client and/or of other clients.
4.4 Surface support procedures and related safety provisions
4.4.1 Roll call
The service provider shall ensure that each person (client and staff) is counted on entering the water and accounted for on exit.
4.4.2 Activity time
For each group entering open water, a maximum time for the activity shall be agreed upon. Provisions shall be made to trigger search and rescue operations should this time be exceeded.
4.5 Vessel operations
4.5.1 Crewing considerations
The service provider shall ensure that any vessels used in service provision have sutticient qual ilied and experienced crew to operate the vessel in a safe and appropriate manner for the envisaged activities.
The service provider shall ensure that competent personnel perform the following where required:
(a) selection, location and evaluation of sites;
(b) provide safe entry and exit of participants into and out of the water;
(c) monitor the safety and security of the activity area;
(d) recover participants In routine situations;
(e) recover participants In emergency situations including situations where a diver might be incapacitated;
(1) recall participants;
(g) search for lost participants;
(h) contact emergency rescue services.
4.5.2 Safety/vessel briefing
The service provider shall ensure that clients will be briefed for the particular vessel, activity and environment on the following:
(a) emergency equipment and protocols;
(b) general conduct on the vessel;
(c) storage of equipment on the vessel;
(d) the chain of command and responsibility;
(e) roll call procedures;
(1) safe preparation and water entry and exit procedures:
(g) communication procedures between participants and vessels, e.g. use of signals, delayed surface marker buoys.
4.5.3 AdditIonal equipment requirements for vessels
In order to ensure safe diving and/or snorkelling activities, a vessel shall be equipped with the following:
(a) means for safe entry into the water and exit out of the water (e.g. ladder, boarding platform):
(b) dive flag;
(c) provisions for safe equipment storage, cylinders In particular.
Specific activities or environmental conditions may require additional equipment. e.g.:
(I) lights for night diving;
(ii) provisions for decompression stops (including additional breathing gas supply);
(iii) shot line;
(iv) current line;
(v) binoculars.
4.6 Emergency equipment and procedures
4.6.1 Emergency equipment
For all locations where diving and snorkelling activities take place, the service provider shall ensure the availability of the following:
(a) a first aid kit suitable for the planned activities;
(b) a communication system suitable for alerting emergency services;
(c) an emergency oxygen unit with a capacity of delivering at least 15 I/mm of pure oxygen for at least 20 min.