AS ISO 7134:2021 – Earth-moving machinery -Graders -Terminology and commercial specifications.
3.2 Masses
operating mass
mass of the base rnachrne, equipment specified by the manufacturer, operator (75 kg). full fuel tank and tull lubricating, hydraulic and cooling systems
shipping mass
mass of the base machine without operator, with full lubricating, hydraulic and cooling systems. 10 % of fuel tank capacity and with or without equipment, cab, canopy and/or operator protective structure, as stated by the manufacturer
cab Icanopyl IROPSI [FOPS) mass
mass of cab [canopy] [ROPS (roll-over operator protective structure)) [FOPS (falling-object operator protective structure)) with all components and mountrngs required to secure It to the base machine
3.3 Performance
net power
power obtained on a test bed at the end of the crankshaft or its equivalent, at the corresponding engine speed, with the equipment and auxiliaries listed in ISO 15550:2002, Table I. column 2, and required in column 3 (fitted for engine net power test)
Note 1 to entry: It the power measurement can only be carried out with a mounted gearbox, the tosses in the gearbox should be added to the measured power to give the net engine power.
ISOURCE: ISO 15550:2002,3.3.31, modified.)
maximum travel speed
maximum speed that can be obtained on hard level surfaces in each of the forward and reverse gear ratios available
3.4 Attachments (for dimensions, see Annex B)
mechanism having teeth for penetrating and loosening to shallow depths materials such as earth, asphalt and gravel roads, and similar surfaces
Note 1 to entry: The scarlfier may be located on the grader ahead of (hr front wheels or between front and rear wheels.
attachment consisting of a frame connected to the rear part of the base machine by means ol a mounting bracket
Note Ito entry: It Is equipped with one or more teeth.
structure located ahead of the front wheels, designed to move snow laterally by the ploughing action t) a mould-board
Note ito entry: The plough may be either one-way or V configuration.
icooling system, i.e.air- or water-cooled;itype of fuel;
k)ISo net flywheel power at a given engine speed;l)maximum torque at a given engine speed r/min;m) starter type;
n)electrical system voltage.6.2Transmission
The front and rear transmission types may be specified, for example:
manual shift with flywheel clutch;
powershift with torque converter;—hydrostatic;
number of speeds (forward and reverse);-maximum travel speeds (forward and reverse).6.3 Axles
6.3.1 Front
The front axle type may be specified, for example.-powered, double reduction mechanical;
powered, hydrostatic wheel;
-not powered;
-leaning wheel.6.3.2 Rear
The rear axle type may be specified, for example:-single;
single with planetary reduction in wheel;tandem (specify type and ratio).