AS/NZS 1906.2:2007 pdf – Retroreflective materials and devices for road traffic control purposes Part 2: Retroreflective devices (non-pavement application).
AS/NZS 1906.2 specifics performance requirements for retroreflective devices (known as ‘retroreflectors’) intended for use as roadside delineators for mounting abo’.e the pacmenI. e.g. on posts. Test methods are given in appendices and by reference to AS/N7.S 1906.1.
The following documents arc referred to in this Standard:
1906 Retroretlcctive materials and devices for road traffic control purposes
1906.1 Part I: Retrorcflectise sheeting
For the purpose of this Standard, the definitions given in AS/NZS 1906.1 apply.
A reiroretlector of the type specified in this Standard is a device which is effectively a point source of light when viessed under reiroretleeted light at normal night-time highway siewing distances. It may be niaiiufaciured as a discrete device or comprise an area of reirorcflcctive sheeting with specified dimensional limits as follows:
(a) Rclroreflecfor—discrefr device type Any reirorefiective device (generally other than a sheeting type as described in Item (b)) whose photometric performance (CIL.) is measured and specified as a discrete device. i.e. in cd.lx. Requirements arc specified in Section 2.
NOTE: A typical discrete device type retrorefleetor comprises a rigid plastic device relying on integrally moulded cube corners for rctrorcflcction.
(b) RLIrorcflt’clor—,sheeIing type A relatively small piece of retroreflectise sheeting sshich may or may not be attached to a rigid substrate. sshose photometric perforniance ClL/m is measured and specified as for sheeting. i.e. in cd.I..m1. but whose dimensional limits, both losser and upper. may be specified. Requirements are spec ified in Section 3.
A discrete deice IpC retrorellector shall comprise an device which meets the dimensional, physical and photometric performance requirements of this Section.
NOTE: Apart from these performance requirements the form and rctrorcflcctive mechanism to be used arc not specifled. A discrete device using reirordlcctivc sheeting as specified in Section 3 would not be precluded but it would as a minimum, need to be mounted on a substrate
Rctrorcflcctors shall have a rnaimum area projected in the direction of the intended observer of not more than 100 cm including any non-rctrorcflecting components or surrounds. The shortest projected dimension shall be 60 mm minimum.
When tested in accordaitce with the photometric test method in AS/N/S 1906.1 as a discrete device, the retrorellector shall meet the CIL requirements given in Table 2.1,
If a device is designed to be installed at a particular rotation angle and has the word TOP
clearly marked on or moulded into the face of the device, its photometric performance need
only be measured at this rotation angle.
When tested under retroreflective ilumination in accordance with AS/NZS 1906.1 the CIE
chromaticity coordinates of the test piece nominated as conforming to a particular colour
shall lie within the colour space defined in Table 2.2 by the coordinates of the space for that