AS NZS 2007.2:2021 – Performance of household electrical appliances- Dishwashers Part 2: Energy efficiency labelling requirements.
multi-compartment dishwasher(s)
dishwasher with more than one washing compartment, each of which —
(a) would (all within the scope of this Standard if it were a single compartment machine; and
(b) may differ in volume and washing method; and
(c) may operate with the same or differing programs, either —
(I) independently; or
(ii) concurrently, either using fresh water in each compartment or re-using water from one compartment to another,
primary water connection mode
mode used to determine the CEC. SRI and star rating for a dishwasher
Note I to entry: The primary water connection mode is single, cold connection, except where the manufacturer’s instructions indicate only hot connection for the dishwasher
program for energy efficiency labelling
program, including all associated specific settings, nominated by the supplier as recommended to wash a normally soiled load at rated capacity and which meets the performance criteria specified In SectIon 3
Note Ito entry: See also Clause 2.2L
protected annual energy consumption
estimation of energy used by a model or single unit on the program for energy efficiency labelling during one year’s use, which assumes a particular number of uses in one year and includes the standby power for the remainder of the year
Note ito entry: Units: kilowatt-hours/year (kWh/year).
Note 2 to entry: See also Clause 2.3.
process of registering products regulated for energy efficiency in Australia and New Zealand under the relevant legislation with the relevant regulator and meeting a number of legal requirements before they can be supplied or offered for supply
Note ito entry: For information on registration, see Appendix C.
relevant legislation
legislative requirements governing the supply of electric household dishwashers in Australia and New Zealand
Note ito entry: For Australia. the relevant legislation is Greenhouse and Energy Minimum Standards (Dishwashers) Determination (GEMS Determination) and Greenhouse and Energy Minimum Standards Act 2012 Cth) (GEMS Act). which can be accessed at www.legisiationgovau. The GEMS Determination covers household dishwashers that are ordinarily supplied and used for household or similar use The GEMS Determination covers household dishwashers irrespective of the context in which they are used. For example, the GEMS Determination applies to household dishwashers used In a commercial context.
Note 2 to entry: For New Zealand, the relevant legislation is Energy Efficiency (Energy Using Products) Regulations
indicates that a statement is mandatory
Indicates a recommendation
star rating
number ol stars displayed on the energy rating label
Note 1 to entry; Available stars tire bet wren a minimu in of one and a maximum of 10
Note 2 to entry: The star rating Is calculated from the star rating Index (SRI), see 1.4.17 and also Clause 2.7. Note 3 to entry: Units: Dimensionless,
star rating index
Indication of the claimed energy efficiency of a model
Note ito entry: A numerically larger SRI indicates a higher energy efFiciency, as calculated in Clause 2.6. Note 2 to entry: Units: Dimensionless.
supplementary energy consumption
nominal energy consumption of a model of dishwasher when connected to the supplementary water connection mode
Note I to entry: It is based on the supplementary PAEC estimated for the model Where applicable, the supplementary energy consumption appears on the energy elf Iclency label.
Note 2 to entry: Units: kilowatt-hours/year (kWh/year).
supplementary water connection mode
water connection mode that is allowable in addition to the primary water connection mode, according to manufacturer’s instructions, and is used to determine the supplementary energy consumption
Note 1 to entry: For dishwashers with two water inlets, the supplementary water connection mode is dual connection (hot and cold), For dIshwashers with only a single water Inlet, the supplementary water connection mode is a single, hot connection, where the manufacturer’s instructions recommend/allow this as an alternative,
supplying (or offering to supply) electric household dishwashers that are that are within the scope of the relevant legislation
Note 1 to entry: For Australia, supply covers sale, exchange, gift, lease, loan, hire or hire purchase. Supply is defined In the relevant legislation.
Note 2 to entry For New Zealand. supply Is offered for sale, lease, hire or hire purchase. Supply Is defined In the relevant legislation.