AS NZS 2604:2021 – Sunscreen products- Evaluation and classification.
indicates a recommendation
solar simulator
artificial light source
Note Ito entry: Refer to ISO 2444420)9 for conformance requirements.
sun protectIon factor of a product
arithmetic mean of all valid individual SPFI values obtained from all subjects in the test
Note Ito entry: SPF is expressed to one decimal place by truncation.
[SOURCE: ISO 24444:2019, 3.61
sunscreen products
products containing any component able to hsorb, reflect or scatter UV rays, which are intenucu to be on the surface of human skin with the purpose of protecting against erythema and other UV induced damage
ISOURCE: ISO 24444:2019. 3.31
ultraviolet radiation
UV radiation
The following apply:
(a) UVR — Terrestrial solar electromagnetic radiation in the range 290 nm — 400 nm
(b) UVA — Terrestrial solar electromagnetic radiation In the range 320 nm – 400 nm
(c) UVB — Terrestrial solar electromagnetic radiation In the range 290 nm – 320 rim
in vitro UVA protection factor
protection performance of a sun protection product against UVA radiation calculated from the measured in vitro absorbance after irradiation and weighted with the persistent pigment darkening (PPD) action spectrum and with the standard” output spectrum of a UVA radiation source
Note ito entry: See ISO 24443 for both spectra.
4 Classification of sunscreen products
4.1 Types
Sunscreen products within the scope of this Standard shall be classified as either primary sunscreen products or secondary sunscreen products.
Primary and secondary products may be further classified on the basis of their performance as broad spectrum or water resistant products, where appropriate, and consistent with legal requirements.
NOTE The overall presentation and purpose ola product should be taketi into account in classifying a sunscreen product to be a primary or secondary sunscreen.
(d) Clear and appropriate directions for the use of the product In order to achieve the labelled claims shall appear on the container.
(e) With the Instruction to apply generously to the skin 20 minutes before skin exposure, then reapply frequently, and after swimming, sweating or towelling; or words to this effect.
(f) Sunscreen aerosols and sunscreen spray pump packs, in addition to the above instructions. (a) to (e), should be labelled with the following statements or words to the same effect:
(I) Hold the contaIner 10 to 15 cm away from the body and apply liberally and evenly until the product looks and feels wet on the skin.
(ii) Do not spray directly onto the face. Spray onto hands and then apply to the face.
(iii) Do not apply the product in windy conditions.
(iv) Use in a well ventilated area and avoid inhalation.
6.2.2 Optional labelling General
Provided the relevant requirements in Clause 5 are satisfied, primary sunscreen products may also be labelled with the following:
(a) Category description (see Clause
(b) The words ‘water resistant” (see Clause Category description
Where a category description is to he given, the wording given in Table 1 according to the labelled SPF
shall be used. Water resistant primary sunscreen products
Water resistant primary sunscreen products may be labelled as “water resistant provided that the words water resistant” appear on the main label of the container in letters no larger than those used for the labelled SPE Any claim of water resistance shall be qualified by a statement of the time for hich the water resistance has been tested (in accordance with Appendix B), up to the maximum time claimable in accordance with Thhlel.
6.3 Secondary sunscreen products
6.3.1 Mandatory labelling
Secondary sunscreen products shall be labelled as Follows:
(a) The labelled SPF shall be marked on the container in durable and legible characters and in such a colour or colours as to afford a distinct contrast to the background colour.
(b) Numerical labelled SPFs greater than 50+ are not permitted. The terms “50+” or “50 plus” shall only be used on products with a tested SPF of 60 or greater. The labelled SPF shall he prefixed only by the expressions “sun protection factor” or ‘SPF.
(c) Clear and appropriate directions for the use of the product In order to achieve the labelled claims shall appear on the container.