AS NZS 3120:2021 – Approval and test specification -Cord extension sockets.
All insulating portions, except ceramic, of a socket shall conform to the requirements for ignitability for sockets of AS/NZS 3112.
2.9 Attachment of covers
The design of the socket shall ensure that Its cover, when correctly fitted, does not cause the conductors of the attached flexible cord to move from their correct positions. Where a cover is not fixed by screws, and its removal exposes live parts, It shall conform to the requirements of the test for attachment of covers (see Clause 2.20.12).
2.10 Externalshape
2.10.1 General 10 A and ISA sockets with 360° projection
For a longitudinal axial distance ofat least 22 mm from the socket face, no part ofa socket with a 360°
projection, Including the switch (If any), shall project radially more than 25.4 mm from the longitudinal
axis through the centre. (See also Figure 2.1.) 20 A sockets without a 360° projection
20 A sockets designed [or use with flat•pln plugs conforming to the dimensions specified in AS/NZS 3112 shall be of a form such that the body will either —
(a) have a maximum external diameter of 44.2 mm at any point on its body between the lace and a distance of 22.2 mm along its side from the face, and be of such design that it can be easily inserted Into, and removed from, an inlet plug of the type described In Section 3 of this standard; or
(b) have a minimum external diameter of 47.5 mm at any point on its body between the face and a distance of 22.2 mm along Its side from the face..
2.10.2 Pendent type sockets
A pendent type socket shall be designed for secure attachment to a supporting means, such as a chain. The supporting means may be detachable from the socket.
Facilities for entry of a flexible cord shall be provided to ensure that, when mounted in the intended manner, the cord wIll exit along the line of the supporting means.
2.10.3 Other than pendent type sockets
Sockets other than pendent type, except where they are designed to prevent the insertion of, three- pin flat-pin plugs of 20 A rating conforming to AS/NZS 3112, or where they are fitted with a full 360° projection in accordance with Clause shall conform to the following:
(a) The external body of the socket shall be such that there is no prolection of the body more than 0.5 mm from the face of the outlet.
(b) Any protective covering forming part of the socket shall project not more than 0.5 mm beyond the lace of the socket.
2.10.4 Finger grip
A socket shall be provided with a linger grip to permit easy insertion and withdrawal of a plug conforming to AS/NZS 3112, or an appliance inlet conforming to AS/NZS 60320.1.
Conformance shall be checked by inspection.
2.11 Exposed metal
A socket intended for use with plugs conforming to AS/NZS 3112 shall not have exposed metal parts. NOTE This requirement does not preclude a cord extension socket havingan external metal enclosure, provided that it Is separated from live parts by double insulation.
Metal clamps, fitted at the cord entry and designed to grip a flexible cord, may be used provided that —
(a) double insulation Is maintained between the metal of the clamp and live parts olthc socket; and (b) the clamp is not provided with facilities for carthing.
2.12 Means of entry and cord anchorage for flexible cord
A socket shall be provided with a single aperture for the entry of a flexible cord within its protective covering (if any).
Provision shall be made for entry of a flexible cord together with any protective covering, and for effective anchorage of the flexible cord or range of cords that the cord extension socket is intended to accommodate, so that any stress on the terminals will be substantially reduced.
For rewircable cord extension sockets, the anchorage shall he effective for the range of flexible cords listed in Table 2.1 except where the cord or range of cords identified by the manufacturer is marked as required by Clause 2.19.3 (d).
For rewireable sockets rated at 15 A or less, a supplementary means of anchoring each insulated core of the flexible cord shall be provided in the form of a pillar, post, grip, tortuous path, or other equally effective means.
A dual.purposc device incorporating both methods of anchorage may be used.
The cord anchorage devices shall conform to the flexible cord anchorage test. Non-rewireable sockets shall conform to the additional tests for non-rewireable sockets (see Clause 2.20.4).