311.2 Performance Requirement. The assembly shall demonstrate no sign of da1Tlag duiiiig and alter the application of the load.
3.1.2 Vertical Adjustment Test Methnd. lhe assembled system shall be operated throughout its full range of vertical adjustment and the travel shall he measured. Performance Requirement. The car- ncr shall provide a verlical adjustuient of not more than 12 in. (300 miii).
3.7 Fieihlp Waste System
3.2.1 Trap Seal Test Method. [he wall mounted or pedestal mounted adjiistahle lavatory or sink carrier system and fleihle waste system shall e installed in accordanc.e with the manufacturer’s insiruciions. The lavatory shall he positioned at its minimum adjusiibk height and the depth of seal shall be measuicd. The lavatory or sink shall then he raised to its iiaimum hdght and (he depth of seal shall again be mcasurcd. After mcasuririg die iieijii difference caused by vertical adjustment, the measurement of the trap seal of the etieinCS in the lateral fixture movement shaJl also be measured. Performarue Hqiiirement. The trap seal depth shall not he less than 2 in. (50 mm) and not grerer than () in (230 mm) at any position.
3.2.2 Hydrostatic Pressure Test Test Method. The outlet ot Ihe drain shall be plugged at the slith null connection. The exihle waste system shall he slowly tilled with water. allowing all air to rrane The inlet of the flexible waste system shall then he capped. allowing for a means to apply a hydrostatic pressure of 25 psig (170 kPa gauge), which shall he maintained for a period uF 60 iruin. Performance Requirements. The filled assembly shall not leak during the test time period.
3.2.3 Flow Test Test Method. The lavatory shall be posiuoried at its minimum adjustable height. A water supply shall be adjusted to supply water through the lavatory faucet at a rate of 7. I gpm (27 L/min). Elapsed Liizie shaH he rneasurcd from the onset of flow into the lavatory. Performance Requirement. The fixture shall drain for a minimum of 5 min without
overtlowing the flood rim of the fxture.
3.2.4 Flexible Supplies. Flexible supplies, when provided by the manufacturer, shall comp!y with ASME A112.18.6.
3.2.5 Aging Test Test Method. To test for change in tensile strength and elongation of fexible drain hose
due to aging at atmospheric pressure and elevated temperature, agc a 35 in. (889 mm) lest specimen at a temperaturc of 140土3.6°F (60土2°C) for 166 hr. Performance Requirement. After the exposure, examine the test spccimen for surface cracks under 2X magnification. Presence of any cracking shall be cause for faiure. in addition, perform the Hydrostatic Pressure Test (para. 3.2.2).
4.1 Marking
Each waill mounted or pedesta! mounted adjustable lavatory or sink carrier system shall be marked with the foiiowing:
(a) manufacturer’s narme or trademark permanently applied and visible aficr instaliation;
(b) model number.
4.2 instructions
instanation and owner/user instructions sha!! be sup plied with the system, including minimum requirements for structural support for wall-mounted systems.