ASME A112.19.3-2000 pdf – ASME A112.19.3-2000 Stainless Steel Plumbing Fixtures (Designed for Residential Use).
(k) cabinet sink top, single compartment with bock and single dsainbosrd (see Table All);
(I) cabinet sink u. single compartment with back arid double drainboard (see Table Al2):
(a.) cabinet sink top. double compartment with beck and double drainboard (see Table A 13);
(a) dishwasher!accessible sink (see Tables A14 and A15); and
(o) shallow sinks. sinulx in ledge-back sinks, single compartment race pars. 3.1(c) and Table A3J. except that compartment depth is 3 in. (76 mm) mniimum.
3.2 Bar Sinks
Conimon types and sizes are:
(a) ledge-back sink, single compartment (see Table A16); and
(b) lcdge.back sink, double compartment (see Table All).
3.3 Lavatorl.s (S.. Fig. Al)
Common types of flat-rim lavatories are rectangular. round, or oval; with or without back ledge; and with or without integral nina. Flanges shall be fiat. ngid, and suitable (or effective Lnstallalion of the futures (see pars. 4.2).
3.3.1 Lavatory Ov.rflows. When provided, lavatory overflows shall have either a minimum croassectional area nut less than Vi in.2 (725 nun2) at every point in the passageway or shall have a minimum flow capadty (as specified in ASME A112.l8.1 for lavatory faucets) when tested in accordance with paix., The locauon of the overflow shall be optional. The overflow point flood level of the slab shall be nut more than ‘2 in. (13 mm) above the slab surface at the lowest point of the faucet bearings. The lavatory shall be Instilled and leveled in a stand wrth the waste outlet closed or blocked. A water supply shall be adjusted and shall be supplied to the fissure at a flow rate as specified in ASME A112.18.l for lavatory faucet. The elapsed time from the onset of water flowing into the overflow opening until the water begins to overflow the flood level shall be measuicd. The fixture shall drain fu, a nunimum of 5 mInutes without overflowing.
3.4 Outlts
(a) Outlets for kitchen sinks shall be as shown in Fig. 3.
A straightedge placed along any ledge or flange (see pa,.. 1.6 lot definitions) shall not show more than in (5 mm) variation at any point. except where such variation is an intentional design feature.
4.3 Depth of Sink
Place a straightedge across the top of the rim and measure at right angles from the straightedge to the bottom of the sink as close to the outlet depression as possible, but nut in the outlet depression. Lacer as identified herein, the minimum depth shall be 5 / i (139 mm). See Fig A2 for method to measure sink depth.
Stainless steel plumbing flxiure* shall be legtbly and permanently marked so as to be visible after installation with the name or registered trademark of the Manufactin-er or. in the case of private braads sales, ol the customer for whom the unit was manufactured. It Es recommended that fixtures be likewise marked with stainless steel type number and thickness.
It is recommended that each fi,tture be labeled “Comphes with ASME Al12,19.3.