ASME B107.53-2004 pdf – Ball Peen Hammers: Safety Requirements.
5.5 Grip Test
5.5.1 Hammers shaibe secured by hand and thegrip nwisted at the normal hand grip position in altemating directions Five altemating, twisting motions shall be performed. ater which there shall be no grip looseness or saparation frem the handle.
5.5.2 Following twisting. grips shall be terted per the rollowing.
Mechanically bonded grips shal be tensile lorce tested using the values in para 522 or 500 Ibt, whichever is less. applying the force onlyå››the gnp (using woven wire Cuf or other suitable device). The grip shal not loosen or srparate from the hundle.
N Chemically bonded grips shall be cuf longitudenaly 0 that a segment may be pulbed. The scgment
shall separate from the handle such that some of the grip materisl that was pulled shall remuin achered to the handle.
5.5.3 Solvent Resistance Test. Gnips shal be fully immered in the test fluids spectied (new smple gnps shuall be usnd for each test fud) for 15 min to 20 min at room temperature. removed, and let stand for 24 hr to 28 hr. Test fluids are SAE 1703 brake fluid. gasoline, ethylene glycol, and ethyl alcohol There shall be no signuifiant Swelling nor surface atack of the material being tested. Grips shall be tested while attached to the
hamumer hande
Instructors and employers shall stess proper use and safcty in the use of striking tools and shall emphasize the need to wear and crsune the of salety goggles of equivalent cye protection. The publication Gunde to Hand Tools一Selection, Safery Tips, Preper Use. 2d Care provides guidelines for the sate use of these tools A ball peen hammer bl ow should a’ways be struck
squarely with the striking tace parallel with the surface being stnuck. Glancing Blows, overstnke. and understrikes should be asoided.
Ball peen hammers are special-purpose tools designed and intended for riveting shaping. and
straightcning unhardcned metals Ball peen hammers of the proper sire may bre ued for striking the struck faces of chisels and punchecs When striking a struck tool (chisel or punchl. the striking face of the ball peen.