ASME B16.23-2011 pdf – Cast Copper Alloy Solder Joint Drainage Fittings: DWV.
10.3 Ovality
Maximum ovalitv shall not exceed 1% of the maximum diameters shown in Table 2 tsr Table 1.2 The average of the maximum and minimum diameters shall be within the dimensions shown in the table.
10.4 Alignment
The maximum allowable variations in the regular alignment of all openin shall he 5mm per 1 m (0.06 in. per I ft).
10.5 Gaging of Solder Joint Ends
(a) 5tQtuiUrd Ga,t Mtf hod e Solder oinl Ends, The standard method of gaging the diameter tolerances for male and iemale ends shall be by the use of plain plug and ring gages designed to hold the product within the limits established in Table 2 or Table 1-2.
(I’) Ophonal Gaging Method of Solder louis Ends. For gaging the diameter tolerance of male and female ends, the manufacturer may use direct reading instruments instead of ring and plug gages as specified in para. (a). When gagng the diameters of male and female ends. using direct reading instruments, refer to para. 10.3.
11.1 General
Threaded ends shall conform to the dimensional requirements contained within Table 3 or Table 1-3. Fitting threads shall be right-hand, conforming to ASME 131.2(11. They shall be taper threads (NPI) except for slip point ends, which shall have straight pipe threads
11.2 Thread Dimensions
All internal threads shall be countersunk a distance not less than one.half the pitch of the thread at an angle of approxImately 45 deg with the axis of the thread.
All external threads shall be chamfered at an angle of 30 deg to 45 deg from the axis. This facilitates joint assembly and thread protection. Countersinking and chamfering shall be concentric to the threads. The length of threads specified in all tables shall be measured to include the countersink or chamfer.
11.3 Threading Tolerances
Tapered pipe threads (NPfl shall be checked by use of working plug or ring gages either standard or limit types. Gages shall be threaded hand tight. The reference point for gaging internal taper threads, the plug gage, shall be screwed hand tight into the fitting. Internal product threads depend upon the chamfer diameter. When the internal chamfer diameter exceeds the major diameter of the internal thread,the reference point shallbe the last thread scratch on the chamfer cone.Other-wise, when the internal chamfer diameter does notexceed the major diameter of the internal thread,thereference point shall be the end of the fitting. On theexternal thread it shall be flush with the end of thefitting.
Tolerance for an internal threaded end having an inter-nal shoulder shall be from one turn large to one turnsmall. Tolerance for an internal threaded end without shoulder and for an external threaded end shall be fromone-half turn small to one and one-half turn large.Straight pipe threads (NPSM) shall be checked by useof the standard GO and NO GO plug and ring gages.12CONFIGURATION OF THREADED ENDS
At the manufacturer’s option, female ends of fittingsmay be furnished with a polygon or bead with or with-out ribs,and male ends of fittings may be furnishedwith a polygon, ribs, or flats.