ASME B30.7-2016 pdf – Winches.
(f) rigger: makes the connection of the load to the winch wire rope.
7- ResponsibiLities of the Equipment Owner and User. In some situations, the owner and user may be the same entity and are therefore accountable for all of the following responsibilities. In other cases, the user may lease or rent a winch from the owner without supervision, operations, maintenance, support personnel, or services from the owner. In these situations, paras. 7- and 7- shall apply.
7- The equipment owner’s responsibilities shall include the following:
(a) providing a winch that meets the requirements of Chapters 7-1 and 7-2, as well as specific job requirements defined by the user
(b) providing a winch and all necessary components, specified by the manufacturer, that meets the user’s requested configuration and capacity
(c) providing all applicable load/capacity information
(d) providing additional technical information pertaining to the winch, necessary for winch operation, when requested by the equipment user
(e) providing installation, operation, maintenance information, and warning decals and placards installed as prescribed by the winch manufacturer
cf.) establishing an inspection, testing, and maintenance program in accordance with Chapter 7-2 and informing the equipment user of the requirements of this program
g) designating personnel for the purposes of inspection, maintenance, repair, transport, and installation
7- The equipment user’s responsibilities shall include the following:
(a) complying with the requirements of this Volume, manufacturer’s requirements, and those regulations applicable at the worksite
(b) designating personnel to supervise winch activities
(c) ensuring that the winch is in proper operating condition prior to initial use at the worksite by
(1) verifying that the equipment owner has provided documentation that the winch meets the inspection and test requirements of paras. 7-2.1.4 and 7-2.1.5 and Section 7-2.3
(2) verifying that a frequent inspection has been performed as defined in para. 7-2.1.4
(d) verifying that the winch has the necessary capacity to perform the proposed operations in the planned configuration
(e) using equipment operators that meet the requirements of para. 7-3.1.2 and are qualified to perform the tasks that will be required with the winch to which they are assigned to operate completed, prior to commencing winch operations
(g) designating personnel for inspections as required in Sections 7-2.1 and 7-2.4
(Ii) designating personnel for the purposes of maintenance, repair, transport, and installation, as applicable
(i) ensuring that all personnel involved in maintenance, repair, transport, installation, and inspection, as applicable, are aware of their responsibilities, assigned duties, and the associated hazards
(j) ensuring that the inspection, testing, and mamtenance programs specified by the equipment are followed
7- Responsibilities of Site Supervisor and Lift Director. In some situations, the site supervisor and lift director may be the same person.
7- The site supervisor’s responsibilities shall include the following:
(a) ensuring that the winch meets the requirements of Chapter 7-2 prior to initial site usage
(b) determining if additional regulations are applicable to winch operations
(c) ensuring that a qualified person is designated as the lift director
(d) ensuring that winch operations are coordinated with other jobsite activities that will be affected by or will affect winch operations
(e) ensuring that the area for the winch is adequately prepared. The preparation includes, but is not limited to, the following:
(1) sufficient room to install the winch, as applicable
(2) an operating area that is suitable for the winch with respect to support capability and obstructions to winch operation
(3) traffic control as necessary to restrict unauthorized access to the winch’s working area
‘f,) ensuring that work involving the installation of the winch is supervised by a qualified person
(g) ensuring that equipment operators meet the requirements of para. 7-3.1.2
(Ii) ensuring that conditions that may adversely affect winch operations are addressed. Such conditions include, but are not limited to, the following:
(1) wind velocity or gusting winds
(2) heavy rain
(3) fog
(4) extreme cold
(5) artificial lighting
(6) proximity to power lines
(i) permitting critical lift operations only when equipment and procedures are reviewed per ASME P30.1
Q) designating a person to supervise the work performed by the rigging crew.