ASME B56.6-2002 pdf – Safety Standard for Rough Terrain Forklift Trucks.
5.10 Sound Level
Rough terrain forklift trucks can contribute to the ambient sound level in the work area. Consideration should he given to the sound exposure of personnel in the work area.
5.11 Dockboards (Bridge Plates)
5.111 Portable arid powered dockhnardc shall he markcd conspicuously with their carrying capacity. The carrying capacity indicated shall not be exceeded.
5.11.2 Portable dockboards shall he secured in position to prevent their slipping.
5.11.3 Handholds or other effective means shall be provided on portable dockboards to permit safe handling. Where possible, fork loops or lugs shall he provided for handling by rough terrain forklift trucks.
5.11.4 All types of dockhoards shall have a high friction surface designed to reduce the possibility of employees or rough terrain forklift trucks slipping.
5.11.5 All types of dockboards shall he designed and maintained so that the end edges will have a substantial contact with the dock (or loading plattbrm) and the transport vehicle to prevent the dockboard from rocking or sliding.
5.12.1 When rough terrain forklift trucks are driven on and off road trucks or trailers during the loading and unloading operation. the brakes on the road trucks and trailers shall he applied and wheel chock(s), or positive mechanical restraints which provide the equivalent protection of wheel chocks, shall be engaged.
5.12.2 Provision shall he made to prevent railroad cars from being moved during loading and unloading. Wheel stops, hand brakes, or other recognized positive means shall be used to prevent movement during loading and unloading.
5.12.3 Whenever rough terrain forklift trucks are driven on and off seiriitrailers not coupled to a tractor, supports may he needed to prevent upending or corner dipping.
5.12.4 Maintain a safe distance from the edge of rzmps, platforms, or othcr similar woikin urfccs.
5.12.5 Do not move railroad cars or trailers with a rough terrain forklift truck unless the truck is properly designed and equipped for that operation.
5.13 Warning Device
5.13.1 Every rough terrain forklift truck shall be equipped with an operator-controlled horn, whistle, gong, or other sound-producing device(s). The user shall see that all warning devices are in place and in working order.
5.13.2 The user shall determine if operating condilions require the rough terrain forklift truck to be equipped with additional sound-producing or visual devices, and be responsible for providing and maintaining such devices.
5.14 Relocating Rough Terrain Forklift Trucks
Wlieii utiliting liftiii equipiiieiit such as elevatuis, cranes, ship hoisting gear, etc., to relocate a rough terrain forklift truck, the uscr shall cnsurc that the capacity of the hoisting equipment being used is not exceeded.
5.15.1 A rough terrain forklift truck shall not be used to lift people unless there is no other practical option. If a rough terrain forklift truck must he used to lift people, the following precautions for the protection of personnel shall be taken:
(a) provide a personnel platform which complies with the design requirements listed in Part Ill of this Standard;
(b) be certain that the platform is securely attached to the lifting carriage and forks:
(c) be certain that the lifting carriage and forks are secured to prevent them from pivoting upward;
(d) on trucks equipped with rotators, deactivate the rotation;
(e) provide protection for personnel in their normal working position on the platform from moving parts of the rough terrain forklift truck that represents a hazard;
(j) provide overhead protection as indicated to be necessary by the operating conditions;
(x) any body belt,lanyard,or deceleration devicewhich has sustained permanent deformation or is other-wise damaged shall be replaced;
(y) prohibit modification to the platform that is detri-mental to its safe use.
5.16 Operator Qualifications
5.16.1 Only trained and authorized persons shall bepermilled to operate a rough terrain forklift truck.Operators of rough terrain forklift trucks shall be quali-fied as to visual,auditory,physical,and mcntal abilityto operate the equipment safely according to para.5.17and all othcr applicablc parts of Section 5.