ASME CA-1-2014 pdf – Conformity Assessment Requirements.
5.1.3 The Certification Mark and certification designator shall be discernible.
(a) When the size or use of the item will not permit the direct application of the Certification Mark and certification designator, or the use of a nameplate, an alternative method of marking that is traceable to certified documents shall be reviewed with and found acceptable by either ASME or the AlA providing designated oversight (see section 3) before being used by the Certificate Holder.
(b) When the Certification Mark and certification designator are applied to the certified document, the document shall identify the Certificate number and the expiration date of the Certificate. The Certificate number and expiration date shall be discernible.
5.2 Authorization and Time of Marking
A Certificate Holder is authorized to apply the ASME Certification Mark when in possession of a valid Certificate of Authorization. The ASME Certification Mark, in conjunction with the certification designator, shall be applied by the Certificate Holder only with the approval of the Authorized Inspector or Certified Individual, as applicable, and after all inspections and testing required by the governing standard and the quality management system have been satisfactorily completed. Such application of the ASME Certification Mark, together with final certification in accordance with the requirements of the governing standard, shall confirm that all applicable requirements have been satisfied.
5.3 Control
The Certificate Holder shall not allow any other organization to use the ASME Certification Mark.
6.1 Scope
These rules cover the ASME accreditation of testing laboratories and acceptance of Authorized Observers for conducting capacity certification tests of pressure relief devices.
6.2 Test Facilities and Supervision
The tests shall be conducted at a place where the testing facilities, methods, procedures, and test supervisors (Authorized Observers) meet the applicable requirements of ASME PTC 25, Pressure Relief Devices. The tests shall be made under the supervision of and certified by the Authorized Observer. The testing facilities, methods,facility is subject to review within each 5-yr period. The testing laboratory shall have available for reference a copy of ASME PTC 25 and the governing standard.
6.3 Accreditation of Testing Facilities
An ASME Designee shall review the organization’s quality management system and testing facility, and shall witness test runs. Before a favorable recommendation can be made to ASME, the testing facility must meet all applicable requirements of ASME PTC 25. Uncertainty in final flow measurement results shall not exceed ±2%. To determine the uncertainty in final flow measurements, the results of flow tests on an object tested at the Applicant’s testing laboratory will be compared to flow test results on the same object tested at a designated ASME-accredi ted testing laboratory.
6.4 Quality Control System of Testing Laboratory
6.4.1 The organization shall prepare a written description of the quality management system that shall clearly establish the authority and responsibility of those in charge of the quality management system. The written description shall include a description of the testing facility, testing arrangements, pressure, size and capacity limitations, and the testing medium used. An organizational chart showing the relationship among the laboratory personnel shall also he included.
6.4.2 The written description shall include, as a minimum, requirements of the governing standard and ASME PTC 25, including, but not limited to, a description of document control; the procedures followed when conducting tests; and the methods used to calibrate test instruments and gages, calculate test results, and identify and resolve noncomformities. Sample forms shall be included. If testing procedure specifications or other similar documents are referenced, the written description shall describe the methods of their approval and control.
6.5 Testing Procedures.