ASME Y14.34-2008 pdf – Associated Lists.
The total quantity of sheets shall be entered on the cover sheet, first sheet, or the last sheet. In lieu of total quantity of sheets, a statement such as “END OF LIST” may be added on the last sheet. The total quantity of sheets shall be the actual sheet count.
4.4 Cover Sheets
When a separate list is prepared and a cover sheet is used, it shall include the mandatory information shown in Fig. 1; other information may also be included.
4.5 Revisions
Revisions shall be prepared in accordance with ASME Y14.35M and as detailed in paras. 4.5.1 through 4.5.3.
4.5.1 New items may be added at the end of a list or inserted in the list.
4.5.2 In lieu of a REVISION DATE and REV AUTHORIZATION NO block, lists may include a REVISION HISTORY block.
4.5.3 Items that are relocated due to additions or deletions are not considered revised.
4.6 Heading Requirements
4.6.1 The requirements in Fig. 1 shall apply to each sheet in preparation of associated lists heading information, except where noted as optional. The locations of heading information may vary to suit the needs of the preparing activity.
4.6.2 Continuation sheets of an associated list may limit heading information to DAI, IDENTIFYING NO, REVISION, and SHEET.
4.7 List Identification
List identification is established through the associated drawing number or part or identifying number (PIN) and the original design activity identification (DAT). The list number of an associated list is established by a prefix, such as AL, DL, IL, PL, or WL, and its separate associated drawing number or PIN as applicable.
A parts list shall be prepared for each assembly drawing and may be prepared for other drawings. An integral parts list may be prepared on drawing graphic sheets or on drawing sheets separate from the drawing graphic sheets (see Figs. 2 and 3). A separate parts list shall be prepared separate from the drawing. Parts list columnar heading may be placed at the top or bottom of columns (see Figs. 2 and 3). In accordance with the following,
(b) Drawing or Document Number. The following information may be entered:
(1) the document number applicable to the material from which a listed part delineated on the corresponding drawing is fabricated
(2) the document number applicable to a listed item for which a designation type, class, condition, or other information has been entered in the part or identifying number column
(3) the drawing number applicable to a listed item in the part or identifying number column
(4) the document number when the part is defined by a number that must be decoded by using the procurement specification
(5) referenced documents
(c) Size. A SIZE column may be included to indicate the document size.
(d) Materials. A MATERIALS column may be included to specify material used in the fabrication of items detailed on the related drawing. An included materials column may also be used to delineate materials used in subordinate details, assemblies, and items identified on control or modifying drawings.
6.1 Integral Application List
When application data is provided integral to the drawing but separate from an integral parts list, the data shall be presented in an application block per ASME Y14.1 or ASME Y14.1M.
6.2 Separate Application List
6.2.1 Heading Requirements. For heading requirements, see para. 4.6.
6.2.2 Column Entries. The column entries in Fig. 5 shall apply, as a minimum, in preparation of a separate application list.
7.1 Heading Requirements
For heading requirements, see para. 4.6.
7.2 Content
Data list entries shall be segregated into the following order of groups:
(a) drawings.