Digital approval systems shall provide for the administration and digital application of unique approval indi cators. These systems shall be amenable to human and machine-readable protocoLs, provide for accurate data entry, and provide for accountability and traceability
2.1 Approval Indicator
An approval indicator, as used in this Standard, Is a symbol of personal identification with the same authority as a manually applied signature. It shall be unique. verifiable, applicable to. contmlled and applied by an individual, and affixed or hyperlinked to the approved data.
2.1.1 Composition alan Approval Indicator. Approval indicators may consist of any symbol(s), letter(s), number(s); grouping or combinations of symbol(s), letter(s), number(s); or a digital signature. Standard and cornmorily used niachine-readahie markings (e.g., 2D bar code, matrix code, etc.) may be used as approval mdicators
Trademarks, company logos, etc., shall not be used alone as an approval indicator. However, when combined with the approval indicator, such symbols provide clear association with a specific organization or function.
2.1.2 Approval Indicators for Engineering Data. A mechanism shall be established and maintained to verify and associate approval indicators to an individual. UniIormity of approval indicator pLacement should be established by company procedures, standards, or policies to enhance visibility and reduce searching.
When engineering data is presented or displayed on an engineering drawing utilizing a drawing sheet format in accordance with ASME Y14.1 or ASME Y14.IM, the approval indicator(s) shall be affixed, or hyperlinked, in the appropriate signature block(s).
2.1.3 Manual Drawings. Manually prepared and approved drawings and associated documents may be exempt I mm the requirements of this Standard, When manually prepared and approved drawings are converted to digital file formats, the use of a digital approval indicator should be consideRd for future revisions.
2.1.4 PrIntouts of Digital Documents. Hard copy printouts of digital drawings .hall contain dated indication that the document has been approved.
2.1.5 DigItal Copies of Digital Documents. When approval indicators reside In separate documents and are hyperlinked to the digital drawing, the approval indicators shall be affixed to the digital copy of the document.
2.2 AuthentIcation and Verification of Approval Indicators
Authentication applies to the validation of the
approval indicator. Verification of an approval indicator applies to the validation of the approval process.
2.2.1 AuthenticatIon. A system of authentication shall bedeveloped toensure the accuracy of the approval indicator. The authentication of an approval indicator is the process that validates the unique association of the owner of the indicator to the indicator. Methods for user authentication may be extended to provide approval indicators by combining them with cryptographic techniques of various kinds. Examples of technologies that have been developed for user authentication include:
password systems, cryptographic systems, and biomet’ rlcs identification methods.
2.2.2 Verification. Approval indicator verification is a process whereby all users of a document are assured that an authentic approval indicator has been used. In general, the document, the approval indicator, and other information, such as cryptographic keys or biometrics templates. may be used.
2.3 Security
The digital approval system shall be protected with a ecuritv system that protects both the system and the data within the system from unauthorlied access or modification.
2.3.1 IntegrIty. The digital approval system shall identify valid approvals of the data. The approval indicator shall not be applied without autlioriat ion. The system shall also identify what is approved. Alteration of either the approved document or the approval indicator should be detectable by the digital approval system.233 AuthorIty. The system shall have a verifiable authority to cwate and distribute approval indicators. A unique authorization identity is issued to each approver.
2.3.4 Protecting Approval Indicator Information. Protection and control of approval indicator information.
and the media or device in which it is contained, shall be a key ingredient of the system’s security Active Documents. Approval indicator information shall be maintaiiwd current, accessible, and Fully Functional as long as the document to which it is applied is considered active. This also applies when media or device systems protocoLs migrate (ic., as
tems update or change).