BS ISO IEC 25040:2011 pdf – Systems and softwareengineering – Systemsand software Quality Requirements and Evaluation (SQuaRE)—Evaluation process.
individual or organization that performs maintenance activities
NOTE Adapted from ISOI1EC 12207:2008,
measure, noun
variable to which a value Is assigned as the result of measurement
NOTE 1 The term measures Is used to refer collectively to base measures, denved meases, and wdIcators, NOTE 2 Adapted from ISO1IEC 14598-1:1999.
measure, verb
make a measurement
(ISO/IEC 14598.1:19991
set ci operations having the object of detemwiing a value of a measure
(1SO11EC 15939:2007]
NOTE I Adapted frown the ftNemational Vocabulan. of Basic and General Terms En Melrotogy. 1993.
NOTE 2 Measurement ca include assiing a qualitative category such as the language of a source proam (ADA, C. COBOL, etc)
measurement function
algorithm or calculation performed to combine two or more base measures
I1SO1IEC 15939:2007]
measurement method
logical sequence of operations, described generically, used ii quantifying an attribute with respect to a specified scale
(ISO/IEC 15939:2007]
NOTE Adapted frown the ftulemat,onail Vocabulary of Basic and General Terms En Mel rofogy, 1993.
meaSurement procedure
set of operations, described specifically, used in the performance of a particular measurement according to a given method
[ISO1EC 15939:2007]
NOTE Adapted from the lnteniatonal Vocabulary 01 Basic and General Terms En Mel rology, 1993.
measurement process
process for establishing, planning, performing and evaluating software measurement within an overall project or organizational measurement structure
NOTE Adapted from ISOI1EC 15939:2007,
instance of applying a measurement procedure to produce a value for a base measure
[ISO/IEC 15939:2007)
Individual or organization that operates the system
NOTE Adapted from ISOIIEC 12207:2008.
system of activities, which uses resources to transform inputs into outputs
NOTE Adapted from ISO 9000:2005.
quality In use (measure)
the extent to which a product used by specific users meets the users’ needs to achieve specific goals with effectiveness, productivity, safety and satisfaction in specific contexts of use
quality measure elements
measure, which is either a base measure or a derived measure, that is used for constructing software quality measures
NOTE The software quality chsracteflstic or subdleracteristic of the entity n derived afterwards by calcuLating a software quality measure,
quality model
defined set of characteristics, and of relationships between them, which provides a framework for specifying quality requwernents and evaluating quality
action of mapping the measured value to the appropriate rating level and used to determine the rating level associated with the software product for a specific quality characteristic
rating level
scale point on an ordinal scale, which is used to categorize a measurement scale
NOTE 1 The rating level enables the software product to be classified (rated) in acdance with the slated or impbed needs,
NOTE 2 Appropriate rating levels may be associated with the different views of quably, i.e. users’, managers’ or developers.
expression of a perceived need that something be accomplished or reatized
NOTE The requirements can be specified as pan of a contract, or specified by the development organization, as when a product is developed for unspecified users, such as consumer software, or the requirements can be more generel. as when a user evaluates products for companson and selection purpose.
ordered set of values, continuous or discrete, or a set of categories to which the attribute is mapped
[ISOnEC 15939:2007]
NOTE Adapted from the Intermational Vocabulary of Basic and General Terms in Metrology,1993.
EXAMPLE Types of scales are: a nominal scale which corresponds to a set of categories; an ordinal scale whichcorresponds to an ordered set of scale points; an interval scale which corresponds to an ordered scale with equidistantscale points; and a ratio scale which not only has equidistant scale points, but also possesses an absolute zero. Measuresusing nominal or ordinal scales produce qualitative data,and measures using interval and ratio scales producequantitative data.
software product
set of computer programs, procedures,and possibly associated documentation and data[ISO/IEC 12207;2008]
NOTE1 Producs include intermediate products, and products intended for users such as developers and maintainers.NOTE2ln SQuaRE standards, sotware quality has the same meaning as software product quality.
software product evaluation
technical operation that consists of producing an assessment of one or more characteristics of a softwareproduct according to a specified procedure.