IEC 60317-44:2010 pdf – Specifications for particular types of winding wires- Part 44: Aromatic polyimide tape wrapped rectangular copper wire, class 240.
This part of IEC 60317 specilies the requirements of tape wrapped rectangular copper winding wire of class 240. The insulation oonsists of one or two wrappings of aromatic polysuide tape.
Class 240 is a thermal class that recpiires a temperature index of 240 and a heat shock temperature 01 at mast 260 ‘C.
NOTE In sonic cowibin, •g Canada Russia, 1$A, this prfl,a is assigned a dess 220.
The tape Is coated on one or both sides with a suitable adhesive, for Instance. Ifuonnated ethylene propylene. Alter wrapping, the tape is heat-sealed to form a continuous and adherent sheath.
Specific reciirements may be sub,ect to contract.
The temperature in degrees Celsius corresponding to the temperature index Is not necessarily that at which the wire is recommended to be used and this will depend on many factors, including the types of equipment involved.
The range ot nommal conductor dimensions covered by this standard is:
– width: min 2,00 mm. max. t6.Oonwn;
— thickness: miw 0,80 mm. mat 5.60 mm
The specified contlnaticns of width and thickness as well as the specified ratio wldth?tthckness are given In IEC 6031 7-G-2.
When a reference is made to winding wire aczording to the standard, the following inlormation shoold be given:
— reference to IEC 60317-44;
– dimension of the nominal conductor (width x thickness);
— grade.
Example: 60317-44 IEC 4.00mm x 1,00 rum grade A2
2 Normative references
The tollowing referenced docwnents are indispersaUe for the application of this document. For dated relerences, only the edition cited applies. For undated reteresices, the latest edition of the relerenced document (inclu% any amendments) applies.
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3 DefInitions and general notes on methods of test
31 Terms and definitions
For the purpose of this part of IEC 60317, the following definitions appfy.
the thermal performance of a wire eq,ressed by the temperature Index and me heal shod temperature
the bare metal after removal 0, the insulahon
a material which is wound, wrapped or braided around a bare or insulated conductor
an opening iithe lrwtifaton w4lch exposes the corwfuctot to view at the stated magntlcation
a range of thickness of the msulation 01 a wire
a coating or covering on the conductor with the specific function of withstanding voltage
nominal conchict dimension
the designabon of the ooncbjctor size ii accordance with IEC 60317
winding wire
a wire used for winding a coil to provide a magnetic field
a conctoclor coated or covered with an insulation
3.2 General notes on methods of test
All methods of test used in this part of IEC 60317 are given In IEC 60851.
The ctause numbers used in this standard are identical with the respective test numbers of
IEC 60851.
In case of inconsistenaes between IEC 60851 on methods of lest and the pail of IEC 60317, the latter shall prevail.