IEC 60598-2-3:2011 pdf – Luminaires – Part 2-3: Particular requirements – Luminaires for road and street lighting.
3.6.9 For column-Integrated luminaires:
– the cable entry slot shall be not less than 50 mm x 150 mm;
— the cable path from the slot to the connection compartment shall be not less than 50 mm, and shall be free from obstructions, sharp edges, burrs, flashes and the like that might cause abrasion of the cables.
Compliance is checked by inspection and by measurements.
NOTE In Ihe USA. the size Of the cable entry slot hal to be In accordance wIth ANSI C136.
3.7 Creepage distances and clearances
The provisions of Section 11 of IEC 60598-1 apply.
3.8 ProvIsion for earthing
The provisions of Section 7 of IEC 60598-1 apply together with the requirements of 3,8.1.
3.8.1 The attachment of the fixed part of the terminal shall be designed and executed so as to prevent it from being rotated when the clamping part Is moved.
Compliance Is checked by inspection and by the mechanical tests specified In Sections 14 and l5of Part 1,
3.9 TermInals
The provisions of Sections 14 and 15 of IEC 60598-1 apply.
Terminals for supply connection shall allow the connection of conductors having nominal cross-sectional areas according to Table 14.1 of Seclion 14 of IEC 60598-1, excluding the provision of supply cables with cross-sectional areas smaller than 1 mm2.
Compliance is checked by fitting conductors of the smallest and largest cross-sectional areas specified.
3.10 External and internal wiring
The provisions of Section 5 of IEC 60598-1 apply together with the requirements of 3.10.1.
3.10.1 A luminaire for road and Street lighting shall be provided with a cord anchorage Such that the conductors for supply cables are relieved from strain where they are connected to the terminals, If. without the cord anchorage, the weight of the supply cables would exert a strain on the connections.
Compliance Is checked by the relevant test of Section 5 of IEC 60598-1, but with a pull of 60 N and a torque of 0,25 Nm.
The values for the pull and the torque to be applied depend on the weight of the supply cables. In general, the specified values are adequate, but for luminaires intended to be mounted higher than 20 rn and where the weight of the supply cables affecting the cord anchorage exceeds 4 kg a pull of 100 N and a torque of 0,35 Nm are applied.
3.11 ProtectIon against electric shock
The provisions of Section 8 of IEC 60598-1 apply.
A.1 Measurement methods
The drag coefficient measurement is performed in the same way as the method used todetermine the drag coefficient values introduced in lSO 4354.
The luminaire measurement is easier than measurement on a complicated structure(motionless tested luminaire representing the actual size of the luminaire).
The common practice is to place the luminaire as indicated by the manufacturer’s installationrules in a wind tunnel.
The wind tunnel should be such that the surface S of the luminaire represents 5 % maximumof the cross-sectional area of the wind tunnel.
The wind speed used in the measurement should represent as far as possible the reality,according to speed of 25 m/s should be considered as a minimum.
After the measurement, no visible failure must impair the safety of the luminaire.
A.2 Reference documents
ISo 4354;1997,Wind actions on strucfures.