IEC 61169-35:2011 pdf – Radio-frequency connectors- Part 35: Sectional specification for 2,92 series RF connectors.
5 Instructions for preparation of detail specifications
5.1 General
Detail specifications (DS) writer shall use the appropriate blank detail specification (BDS) pro. lorma. The following pages comprise the BDS dedicated for use with type 2,92 connectors. As such. it will already have entered on It information relating to:
a) the basic specification number applicable to all the detail specifications covering connector styles of the type covered by the sectional specification;
b) the connector series designation.
The specification writer should enter the details relating to the connector style to be covered as indicated. The numbers in brackets in the 8DS correspond to the following indications which shall be given
5.2 IdentIfication of the detail specification
(1) The name of the National authorized institution (NAI) under whose authority the DS is published and, if applicable, the organization from whom the DS is available.
(2) The number allocated to the DS by the relevant National authorized institution immediately preceded by the ISO two letter national identity code or XX” when the DS is produced by an IEC technical subcommittee.
(3) The number and issue number of the IEC/IECQ generic specification and, when applicable, the sectional specification with the national reference if different.
(4) If different from the IEC/IECO number, any national number of the DS. date of issue and any further information required by the national system, together with any amendment numbers.
5.3 IdentIfication of the component
(5) Enter the following details:
— Style: the style designation of the connector including type of fixing and sealing, if applicable.
— Attachment: by deletion of the inapplicable options of cable/wire: given for centre and outer conductors.
— Special features and marking: as applicable.
— Series designation: in bold charactersidigits approximately 15 mm high.
(6) Enter detail of assessment level and the climatic category.
(7) A reproduction of the outline drawing and details of the panel piercing, if applicable. It shall provide the maximum envelope dimensions, also the position of the reference plane and, in the case of a fixed connector, the position of the mounting plane(s) relative to the front face of the connector.
Any maximum panel thickness limitations for fixed connectors shall be stated.
(8) Particulars of all variants covered by the DS. As appropriate, the information shall include
— cable type (or sizes) applicable to each variant.
— alternative plated or protective finishes.
— details of alternative mounting flanges having either tapped or plain mounting holes.
— details of alternative solder spills or solder buckets including, when applicable, those for use with microwave integrated circuit (MIC) components.
5.4 Performance
(9) Performance data listing the most important characteristics of the connector In accordance with the requirements of the relevant sectional specification. Deviations from the minimum requirements shall be clearly indicated. Not applicable shall be marked na”.
5.5 Marking, ordering information and related matters
(10) Insert marking and ordering information as appropriate, together with details of related documents and any invoked structural similarity.
5.6 Selection of tests, test conditions and seventies
(11) na’ shall be used to indicate non-applicable tests, All tests manled a’ by the detail specification writer shall be mandatory.
When using the normal procedure with a dedicated BDS, the letter a — for applicable — shall be entered in the -test required column against each of the tests indicated as being mandatory in the test schedule ol the relevant sectional specification. Any additional test required at the discretion of the specification writer shall also be indicated by an “a.
The specification writer shall also Indicate, when necessary, details of deviations from the standard test methods and test conditions. including any relevant deviations given In the test schedule of the sectional specification.
The qualification approval and conformance inspection shall be such that the National Supervising Inspectorate (NSI) shall be satisfied that they are appropliate and in line with those for other connectors within the system providing a reasonably comparable service.