IEC 61400-22:2010 pdf – Wind turbines – Part 22: Conformity testing and certification.
support structure
part of a wind turbine consisting of the tower, sub-structure and foundation. see Figure 1 of
IEC 61400-3
continuing monitoring and verification of the status of procedures, products and services, and analysis of records in relation to referenced documents to ensure specified requirements are met
type certificate
document issued upon the successful completion of type certification
type certification
procedure by which a certification body gives written assurance that a wind turbine type conforms to specified requirements
type testing
action of carrying out tests for a given wind turbine type according to specified procedures
wind turbin, type
wind turbines of a common design, materials and major components, subject to a common manufacturing process and uniquely described by specific values or ranges of values of machine parameters and design conditions
4 Symbols and abbreviations
4.1 Symbols
The relevant symbols contained In IEC 61400-1 are applicable.
4.2 Abbreviations
RNA rotorinacelle assembly
SWT small wind turbine(s)
WT wind turbine(s)
5 Acceptance of operating bodies
5.1 General
Operating bodies shah oe capable and competent to operate tneir elements ot me wino turbine certification process in an impartial manner and shall comply with the relevant ISOIIEC publications among the following: ISO1IEC 17020, ISO/IEC 17021. ISO/IEC 17025 and ISO!IEC Guide 65.
5.2 Accreditation
Operaling bodies shall be accredited by a national or international accreditation body that has been internationally evaluated. This requirement is intended to facilitate recognition arrangements on an international level of certificates and test results and to increase public confidence in the competence and Impartiality of the operating bodies.
5.3 Recognition arrangements
Operating bodies shall seek to obtain, preferably multilateral, recognition arrangements for the acceptance of each others work. e.g. test results or quality system certificates. Such arrangements shall be established with reference to the requirements of this standard.
When the operating bodies have been accredited by a common accreditation body or where recognition arrangements exist between the corresponding accreditation bodies, the accreditation forms a sufficient basis for mutual recognition of work under the accreditation.
If a recognition arrangement based on accreditation is not possible, a recognition arrangement between operating bodies should include:
— the scope of the agreement.
— specification of the parts of the wind turbine certification system with unrestricted acceptance;
— identification of the signatories and their legal status:
– agreement regarding surveillance of each other’s work;
— a procedure for handling complaints and appeals;
— definition of the parties responsibilities;
— details of lines of communication;
— undertakings regarding confidentiality and security; and
— a procedure for maintenance of a register of certificates, conformity statements and test reports issued by the bodies of the agreement.
5.4 AdvIsory committee
Certification bodies operating type and project certification according to this standard shall seek to establish and participate in a joint advisory committee. The committee should establish by-laws and provide advice to the operating bodies on:
— harmonization of requirements for documentation for certification;
— mutual recognition:
— need for amendments to procedures and requirements;
— Interpretation of procedures and requirements for documentation for conformity assessment; and
— interpretation of technical requirement5.
The recommendations from meetings of the advisory committee shall be made available to accreditation institutes or other relevant boards.
6 Management of the certification system
6.1 General
The certification system shall be managed and operated in accordance with ISO1IEC Guide 65. For project and prototype certification the system may alternatively be managed and operated in accordance with ISO!IEC 17020, in wtiich case certification system elements on 8.3 or 9.5 shall be managed and operated in accordance with ISO/IEC Guide 65.6.2Agreement on certification
A certification body shall upon request be prepared to take on work for certification of windturbines or wind farm projects according to the rules of this standard.The services of thecertification body shall be available to all applicants without undue financial or otherconditions.
Prior to starting certification work an agreement between applicant and certification body shallbe made. In addition to financial and other usual contract conditions,the agreement shallinclude.