IEC 61439-5:2010 pdf – Low-voltage switchgear and controlgear assemblies – Part 5: Assemblies for power distribution in public networks.
d) 1EC61439-5.
Replacement of the note:
NOTE Further information may be EhC)uded by agreement between the ucer and the manutacturet.
5.3 Device andlor component Identification
Additfonal paragraph:
In the case of removeable fuse-carriers which are specific to a tuseway, a label shall be placed on the fuse carrier as well as on the fuse base, to avoid incorrect interchangeability of the fuse-carrier.
Additional subclause:
6.101 Circuit identification
It shall be possib’e to identify each functional unit in a clearly visible manner.
7 ServIce conditions
This clause of Part 1 applies with the following modifications. AmbIent air temperature for outdoor installations Re placement of last paragraph with:
Unless the user specifies a PENDA shall be suitable for use in an arctic climate, the lower limit of ambient air temperature is —25 C. Foi an arctic climate the lower limit of ambient temperature is —50 C.
7.2 Sp.cial servic, conditions
Addition of the following note to item h):
NOTE EsDoaure to vibration aricing from traflic and/or occasonai ground excavation i.e normal eervice condition fat PENDAa
Additional paragraph:
Additional requirements for a PENDA-O, to be installed where heavy snowfalls occur and where they are adjacent to areas where there Is snow clearance by ploughing. are subject to agreement between manufacturer and user.
8 Constructional requirements
This clause of Part 1 applies with the following modifications.
8.1 Strength of materials and parts
8.1.1 General
A PENDA-O shall be arranged for ground mounting. transformer mounting, pole mounting, surface wall mounting or mounting within a recess within a wall, as agreed between user and manufacturer,
A PENDA may be direct coupled to a transformer by means of a flange coupling or it may connect to its supply by means of cable or via busbars as agreed between user and manufacturer. Outgoing circuits shall be suitable for connection by means of cables.
A reliable locking device shall be provided on outdoor enclosures which prevents access by unauthorized persons. Doors, lids and covefs shall be so designed that, alter they are locked, they do not open due to subsequent moderate ground settlement, nor due to exposure to vibration arising from traffic and/or ground excavation and reinstatement works.
8.1.5 ResIstanc, of insulatIng materials to heat and fire
Additional subclause: VerIfication of category of flammability
The insulating materials used for enclosures, barriers and other insulating parts shall have flame retardant properties in accordance with 10.2,3102 of this standard
8.1.6 Mechanical strength
Additional subclause: Verification of mechanical strength
The mechanical properties of a PENDA-O shall comply with 10.2.101 of this standard.
Parts of the PENDA.O Intended to be embedded in the ground shall withstand the stresses
imposed on them during installation and normal service and comply with
Additional subclause:
8.1.101 Thermal stability
The thermal stability of a PENDA shall be verified according to 10,2.3.101.
8.2 Degree of protection provided by an ASSEMBLY enclosure
8.2.1 Protection against mechanical impact
Subclause 8.2.1 of Part 1 does not apply.
8.2.2 Protection against contact with live parts. Ingress of solid foreign bodies and liquids
Open type ASSEMBLIES (IP 00) are not covered by this standard.
When a PENDA-O is intended to be installed in places accessible to the public, its enclosure shall, when fully-installed in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions, provide a degree of protection of at least P 34D according to IEC 60529. In other locations, the minimum level of protection shall be at least 1P33.
8.4Protection against electric shock8.4.2.1General
The third paragraph does not apply.
Additional subclause: Earthing and short-circuiting means
The outgoing units in an AsSEMBLY shall be so constructed that they can be earthed and short-circuited in a secure manner by means of a device(s) recommended by the manufacturer,which ensures the manufacturer’s indicated degree of protection (IP code) is maintained forall parts of the ASSEMBLY.This requirement is not applicable if it could cause a safety hazardarising from the system conditions and/or operational practice. Installation conditions
Additional paragraph:
For an ASSEMBLY that is expected to feed overhead cable lines,outgoing units shall bedesigned in such a way that an attached cable(s) can be earthed at the termination(s).
8.5 Incorporation of switching devices and components
Additional paragraph:
Individual components,such as fuses and switching devices that are in compliance withothers standards, shall also comply with the supplementary requirements of this standard.
8.5.3 Selection of switching devices and components.