IEC EN 61210:2010 pdf – Connecting devices – Flat quick-connect terminations for electrical copper conductors – Safety requirements.
6.8 Male tabs and female connectors shall be so designed and constructed that their electrical performances are reliable and their further use is not impaired, Compliance is checked by the cyclic current loading test of 8.4.
6.9 Male tabs and female connectors having a maximum permissible temperature higher than 85 C shall be so designed and constructed that in normal use their electrical performances are reliable and their further use is not impaired.
Compliance is checked by the elevated temperature test of 8.5.
Examples of maximum permissible temperatures of male tabs and female connectors. depending on materials and/or coating, are given as a guide In Annex A.
6.10 Crimped connections shall be such that they withstand the mechanical stresses likely to occur In normal use.
Compliance is checked by the tensile strength test of 8.6.
6.11 Male tabs and female connectors for solid conductors shall be so designed and constructed that any disturbance does not affect the crimped connection and their further use is not Impaired.
Compliance is checked by the tests in 6.5 to 6.10.
7 General notes for tests
7.1 Tests according to this standard are type tests.
7.2 Unless otherwise specified, the samples shall be tested as delivered and connected as
for normal use, at an ambient temperature of 20 C ± 5 C.
7.3 Unless otherwise specified, all tests shall be carried out under standard atmospheric
conditions for testing as specified in IEC 60068-1.
7.4 Test specimens shall be preconditioned under standard atmospheric conditions for
testing for a time sufficient to allow the entire component to reach thermal stability.
7.5 Temperature rise and cyclic current loading tests shall be conducted In still air. i.e. airflow less than 10 rn/mm at room temperature.
7.6 If samples are not delivered with conductors already assembled, the conductors shall be connected to the associated parts In accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions and using the manufacturers recommended tooling. If no specific manufacturers instructions are provided, then refer to IEC 60352-2 for proper assembly instructions.
7.7 The tests shall be carried out on each set in the sequence as specified in Table 3, according to the most onerous combination of the tab and female connector according to item e) of 5.3.
7.8 Testing for integral tabs (see item 0 of Table 3) shall be performed using the test connectors in Annex C.
8 Type tests
8.1 Insertion and withdrawal force
Ten male test tabs and ten female connectors are required. The male tabs shall be special male test tabs manufactured to close tolerances for the specific purpose of conducting this
Male test tabs shall be 01 half-hard brass, having a hardness of (62 ± 7) HR3OT and shall conform to Figures 1, 2, 3 and 4 and Table 1, except that the C dimension tolerance shall be as indicated In Table 4. and any raised plateau around the detent shall be limtted to a total of 0.025 mm over the stock thickness (see Figure 1).
NOTE I TOlerances of nominal test tab th.cliness express.d In inches are shown in TabI. 0.6.
The male test tabs shall not be coated.
NOTE 2 A mat, tab from th. production hn that complies with Ii. dimensions for test tabS may also b. suilable,
A new male test tab shell be used for each female connector tested. For each combination of male tab and female connector, the tab shall be slowly and steadily inserted and withdrawn six times at a rate of travel of approximately I mrnls.
Insertion and withdrawal force measurements shall be made with any suitable testing device providing accurate alignment and being capable of holding the reading. An example of a suitable device is shown in Annex B.
Compliance Es checked as follows:
The insertion and withdrawal forces shall be within the limits as specified In Table 5.
NOTE 3 Th. insertion and withdrawal forc.s fo siz.s in AWG are shown In Table D,7.
8.2 Mechanical overload force (for integral tabs or female connectors)
An axial force, equal to that shown in Table 6, is applied smoothly once only with a suitable test apparatus for a period of 1 mm. No damage which could impair further use shall occur to the tab or to the female connector or to the equipment in which the tab is integrated.
NOTE RetentIon force for sIzes expressed In mches Is shown In Table 0.8.
Compliance Es checked by inspection after completion of the test.
8.3 Temperatur, rise
The temperature rise test shall be conducted using six double ended male test tabs (see Figure 6) and twelve female connectors connected to conductors of the same type and of the largest cross-sectional area.