ISO 10544:1992 pdf download – Cold-reduced steel wire for the reinforcement of concrete and the manufacture of welded fabric.
9 Designation
Wire according to this international Standard shall be designated in the following order:
— reinlorcing steel;
— the number of this International Standard;
— nominal diameter. In millimetres.
— surface oomllguration (plain, indented or ribbed).
Reinforcing steel ISO 10544 — 8 mm Indented
10 Marking
10.1 MarkIng on th. wire
It Is recommended that Indented and ribbed wire should have an Identification of the manufacturer introduced during rolling Examples are shown In annex A.
10.2 Marking of bundles or coils
Each bundle or coil of at least 500 kg shall have a label stating the manufacturer, number of this Inter. national Standard, nominal diameter, cast number or reference related to test record, and country 01 origin
11 CertificatIon and inspection
Certification and Inspection of reintorcament shall be performed
— in accordance with a certilkalion scheme monl tored by an external body (see ISO 10144),
— according to testing of a specific delivery.
11.1 CertIfication scheme
In the case of a certification scheme, certification and inspection shall be performed in accordance with ISO 10144
11.2 TestIng of a specific delivery
Provlslon3 regarding the nature, extent and evaluatIon of acceptance tests on deliveries of cold- reduced wire not subject to a certification scheme are given In 113 and 114
Testing of a specific delivery shall be performed according to 113.
By agreement between manufaclurer and purchaser, 11.4 may be used
11.3 VerIfication of conformity
11.3.1 OrganIzation
The tests shall be organized and carned out according to an agreement betwesn purchaser and manufacturer, taking into consideration the national rules of the receiving country.
11.3.2 Extent ci samplIng and lasting
For the purpose of testing, the delivery shall be subdivided into test units with a maximum mass of 50 t or a fraction thereof. Each test unit shalt consist of products of the same nominal diameter Ironi the same cast. When required by the purchaser, the chemical composition (cast analysis) shall be stated in th. lest report
Test pieces shall be taken from each test unit as
a) two test pieces from different cods or straightened wires for testing the chemical composihon (product analysis);
b) Fifteen last pieces (if appropriate 00 test pieces; see 11.3.3 1) from different coils or straightened wires tar testing all other properhes specified in hue International Standard.
11.3.3 EvaluatIon of the results lnspctlon by variables
For properties which are specified as ctuaractenstic values, the following shall be determined:
The test unit shall be considered to comply with therequirements if the condition stated below is fulfilledlor all properties:
meo- 1,.93 × seo>真
where 1,93 is the value for the acceptability index,k; for n – 60 for a failure rate of 5 % (p= 0.95) at aprobability of 90 %(1-α -0.90). Inspection by attributes
when testing properties specifled as maximum orminimum values, all results determined on the15 test pieces shall comply with the requirementsof this lnternational standard. ln this case the testunit shall be considered to comply with the require-ments.
The tests can be continued when at most 2 resultsnot conforming to conditions occur. n this case45 further test . pieces from different coils orstraightened wires in the test unil shal be tested,so that a total of 60test resuits are available. Thetest unit complies with the requirements if a most2 of the 6o results do not conforin to the conditions. Chemical composition
Both test pieces shall comply with the requirementsin clause 6.
11.4 verification of guaranteed minimumvalues
Tests shall be carried out according to the following.
For the purpose of testing. the delivery shall besubdivided into test units with a maximum massof 50 t or a fraction thereof. Each test unit shallconsist of products of the same nominal diameterfrom the same cast.When required by the pur-chaser, the chemical composition (cast analysis)shalil be stated in the test report.
– For each mechanical property specified,one test
shall be carried out for each test unit. Each indi-vidual test result shall meet the requirementsspecified in clause 7.
-lf any test result does not meet the requirements,
retests may be carried out, according to IS0 404.- The manufacturer shall submit a test report stating that products of the delivery satisfies themechanical properties specified in clause 7.and a confirmation that the other requirements of thislnternational Slandard are fulfilled.