ISO 10726:1992 pdf download – Portable chain-saws — Chain catcher -Dimensions and mechanical strength.
This international Standard spcciflics the mcchanicatstrength and dimension requirements. and the cor-responding test method for the chain catcher ofchain-sawS.
2 Dimensions
The chain catcher shal be positioned as far to thefront of the saw body as practicable and shall extendaf least 5 mm from the centre-plane of the guide-bar. See figure 1.
The chain catcher ilself.its mounting and the sawbody shall not have any tears or cracks when testedin accordance with clause4. The catcher shall alsomeet the dimensional requirement in clause 2.
1The catcher may bend during the test.
2Itis recognized tha a chain catcher may serinuslydamage the saw chain upon contact. It is recommendedthat the chain calcher should be made of a material thatwili nol needilessly daimage the chain.
4 Test procedure
4.1 The test temperature shall be – 25C+3″C.unless the chain catcher, its fastenings and the sawbody are of which case the test may beconducled al roorm iemperature.
4.2 The catcher shall be attached to the saw in anormal way. During the test the saw shall be fixed,upside down (see figure 2). by its handles.
4.3 The catcher shall be struck once with a pen-dulum hammer. This pendulum shall have a steelhead witha fatstrike face。with awidthof7 mm 0.2 mm,and an arm with a tength giving 700 mm f5 mm distance between the swivel pointand the centre of the head (see figure 2y. The arm shall be as light as possible. The pendulum systemshall eause an impact force of 7.5J+0.3J from adrop height of 3o0 mm.The direction and the contactofthe blow shall be along the guide-bar centre-plane.