ISO 5682-3:1996 pdf download – Equipment for crop protection – Sprayingequipment一 Part 3: Test method for volume/hectare adjustment systems of agricultural hydraulic pressure sprayers.
3 Definitions
For the purposes of this part of ISO 5682. the definitions given in ISO 5681 and the following definition apply.
3.1 volign.!h.ctar. adjustment system: Device which lIows application, in liguid form, of a predetarmined constant volume per hectare treated, of protection ancVon fertilizing spray mixture independent of variation in the forward driving speed
NOTE — The different systems se d.ssdi.d as follows.
1) system controaed by the rotation of a power take ott IPTOI;
2) system conhrollod by t1’io rot5tion of a land wtiool.
3) system conuolled by any other means
4 Test conditions and apparatus
4.1,al test conditions
The general test conditions shall be those specified in ISO 5682.2:1966, clause 6. and the specific conditions given in 4.2.
4.2 Specific test conditions
4.2.1 All meas4Jrernents of the volumeOiectare rate are camed out at the spray boon o nozzle carrier using water as the test liquid. Measurmg and recording shall continue until the system returns to a steady state condition,
4.22 At the start of the measurements defined in 5.1 and 5.2. the following conditions shall be set on the sprayer:
— driving speed: 2 rrV’s;
— power takeoff 4PTO) rotational frequency: 400 mm-1
— volurnejhectare rate: 300 llha
In case of other travelling speeds, nominal (PTO) rotational frequencies lfor example 1 000 mm-’) or non PTO drives, rotational frequencies analogous to 540 mm-1 are valid.
4.2.3 If hydraulic driven pumps are tested when integrated in the sprayer, variation of tha spend (5 2) is not necessary.
4.3 Test apparatus
The standard pressure gauges and the stopwatch used for the tests shall meet the specifications of
ISO 56821 1996, ciause 6
5 Test proc.dur.
Thu rneas1oiriunt5 shall be made under the conditions specified in 41 and 4.2 together with the conditions 5pecified in 5.1, 5.2 and 5.3. Measure continuously the duration(s) for which the mean volumeThectare rate deviates by more than 10 % from the mean volumefriectare rate in the steady state.
The measurements in 5.1 and 5.2 shall be repeated twice.
5.1 Switching on end off the nozzle lines
5.1.1 Set the sprayer to the conditions specified in 4.2.2. Switch on the nozzle knee and make the measurements sirnLtaneoust,
5.12 Set the sprayer to the conditions Specified in 422, then lower the driving speed to 1.5 rrVs and reduce the PTO rotational frequency to 300 mm-1. Switch on the nozzle lines end make the meaSUrements simuhaneously,
5.1.3 Set th. sprayer to th. conditions specified in 4.2.2, then raise the driving speed to 2,5 rn/s end raise th. PTO rotational frequency to 500 mm-’ Switch on the nonle lines and make the measurements simultaneously.
5.1.4 Successively switch off boom sections except one, then Swrtch them on again. Make the measurements simultaneously.
52 Speed variations
52.1 Power tekeoff (PTOI ratetlonal frequency
Change the PTO rotational frequency from at least 300 mm-1 to 400 mm-1 and then to 500 nm-1 and then from 500 mm-’ to 400 mmn-’ and then 300 mmn-’ in stages of five seconds each. Make the measurements simultaneously
52.2 Dnving speed
Set time driving speed to at least 1.5 m/s. 2 rn/s. 2,5 m/s, 2 nVs. 1.5 rn/s and make the measurements simultaneously
5.3 Resetting the volume/hectare Fete
Measure the voIurneec1are rate as described below and calculate the coefficient of Variation in accordance with clause 6.
The eQuCment is operated at PTO rotational frequency of 500 mm-1 and a driving speed of 2 r,Vs. Make the following two series of measurements seven limes.
Set and operate the equipment at a velumne/hectare rate of 100 Vha. or the next highest value, then successively set ii to 200 I/ha, 300 I/ha and 400 I/ha list series of measurements (ascending)1 Set to 500 I/ha, 01 the next lowest value, then successively set it to 400 I/ha, 300 I/ha and 200 I/ha (2nd series of measurements (descending)J.
Make measurements at volurne/hectare rates of 200 I/ha, 300 I/ha and 400 I/ha for the ascending series and at 400 I/ha, 300 I/ha and 200 tplia for the descending series respectively.
When salting thu volume/huctare rates, be careful not to exceed the required value to be set and to have to adjust the volume/hectare rate in the opposite direction.
NOTE — If tables, dhagranis or the operator’s manud, provide for a volumejhectare rate of less than 150 Llhe or greater than 450/ha, at a &iving speed of 2 un/s. then both series of measurements should be reset to 150 I/ha or 450 I/ha.