ISO 7206-8:1995 pdf download – lmplants for surgery – Partial and totalhip joint prostheses 一 Part 8: Endurance performance of stemmed femoral components with application of torsion.
This part of IsO 7206 specifies the endurance per-formance of stemmed femoral components of totalhip joint prostheses and stemmed femoral components used alone in partial hip joint replacement asdatermined under speclfied laboratory conditions bya method that includes the application of torsion.This part of ISo 7206 does not apply to the following.aprostheses for special clinical casos;
bprostheses for which the centreline of the stem
is three dimensionally curved and does not lio inany plane in which the axis of the neck lies.
2Normative reference
The following standard contains provisions which,through reference in this text,constitute provisionsof this pant of ISO 7206.At the time of publication, theedition indicated was valid. Alstandards are subjectto revision. and parties to agreements based on thispart of lSo 7206 are encouraged to investigate the Iso 7206-4:1989,implants for surgory – Partial andtotal hip joint prostheses — Part 4: Datermination oendurance properties of stemmed femoral components with application of torsion.
3 Test conditions.
The femoral component shall be tested in its ready-for-use condrition.
Endurance performance When tested as described in ISO7206-4, the femoralcomponent shall not fracture during 5 x 10cyclesof application of a cyclic load of 2 kN with a minimumload of 300 N and a maximum load of 2,3 kN. Neithershall the tests have been terminated before completion of the loading regime (see ISo 7206-4:1989,subclause 7.8 for reasons other than loosening of thespecimen in the embedding medium.