ISO 8000-62:2018 pdf download – Data quality —Part 62: Data quality management: Organizational process maturity assessment: Application of standard srelating to process assessment.
4.6 Assessment activities
In accordance with the requirements o ISO/IEC 33002. the assessment process shall start with commitment from the assessment sponsor to proceed.
The assessors shall conduct the following activities when perlorming assessment:
a) plan the assessment; b) collect the data; c) validate the data; d) determine the results; e) report the assessment.
NOTE lSfl/IF.C 33002:2015,4.2, provides a further description of assessment activities. EXAMPLE An example of performing an assessment Is given In AnnexC.
4.7 Roles, responsibilities and competence
The roles and responsibilities delined for the assessment shall include the following.
a) The sponsor of the assessment shall:
— designate an individual as lead assessor, who is responsible forchecking the conformance of the asscssment,and verilythis individual has the required uumpetences to perform the assessment;
— ensure sufficient other individuals are made available to form the assessment team to conduct the assessment;
— ensure the assessment team has access to all necessary resources.
b) The lead assessor shall:
— confirm the commitment of the sponsor to proceed with the assessment;
— understand and document the obectIves for the assessment from the sponsor;
— verify that the assessment approach is in accordance with the requirements of this document;
— verify that the declared assessment scope accurately describes the actual scope being assessed;
— ensure that participants in the assessment are briefed on the purpose, scope and approach of the assessment;
— ensure that all members of the assessment team have knowledge and skills appropriate to their roles;
— ensure that all members of the assessment team have access to appropriate documented guidance on how to perform the defined assessment activities;
— ensure that the assessment team has the competences to use the tools chosen to support the assessment;
— confirm receipt of the assessment result deliverables by the sponsor;
— on completion of the assessment, verify and document the extent of conformance of the assessment to this document.
Assessor competence shall be determined from:
— education and training;
— skills and experience in process assessment;
— domain experience.
NOTE 1 Assessors can demonstrate competence by referring to a body of knowledge and by considering registration with a competency recognition scheme that accredits domain experience and qualifies against relevant methods and models.
NOTE 2 ISO/IEC TS 33030:2017, which provides a body of knowledc for the performance and application of process assessment, deals with assessor competences and appropriate education. traII1ng and experience, and includes mechanisms that can be used to demonstrate competence and to validate education, training and experience.
4.8 Assessment inputs
Assessors shall identify the inputs to the assessment process in accordance with the requirements for a Class 1 assessment as specified by ISO/IEC 33002. Such an assessment shall cover a minimum of four process instances for each process within the scope of the assessment (or all instances In there are fewer than four).
4.9 Assessment outputs
In accordance with the requirements of ISO/IEC 33002. the assessment shall generate two types of assessment outputs:
— assessment records;
— assessment reports.
NOTE ISO/IEC TS 33030:2017, Annex A. provides a description of assessment records and assessment reports.
This annex provides a fictional example to illustrate how to apply this document.
NOTE1This example has been built based on the principles covered by ISO/1ECTS 33030:2017.
The Town Hall of Beauty Village performs several operational processes and operates a qualitymanagement system certified as conforming to 1So 90o1.
The Town Hall of Beauty Village is interested in assessing the level of organizational data qualitymanagement maturity according to this document. This assessment will look at how well severaloperational processes incorporate the data quality management processes specified by 1S0 8000-61.The Town Hall appoints an assessment team to determine the maturity level of the organization.
In order to perform a Class 1 assessment, the team observes four process instances across the followingprocesses: “Tax Revenue Administration”, “Health Service Management”, “Culture Management” and“Sport Management”.