ISO 8036-1:1998 pdf download – Optics and optical instruments -Microscopes— Part 1: lmmersion oil for general use in light microscopy.
This part of ISO 8036 specifies requirements for Immersion oil for general use In light microscopy In the vlstfe spectral range.
NOTE I Visible spectral range is defined as being the wavelength range from 400 nm to 760 nm
Owing to its optical oiled, immersion oil forms part of the optical system of a microscope; this part of ISO 8036 specifies the requirements which shall be met to ensure image quality.
NOTE 2 This part & ISO 8036 does not cover requirements tar suitability tar fluorescence microscopy; immersion ad suitable for fluorescence mtroscopy will be dealt with In ISO 6036-2.
2 RequIrements
2.1 Optical propertIes
Immersion oil shall have the following optical properties, measured at a temperature of 23 V and at a pressure of 101 325 Pa:
— Principal refractive index: ne 1,5180 ± 0,0005
— Abbe number: v,. 44±3
The Abbe nunter v• is calculated using the following formla:
NOTE2 The principal refractive index, n , is the vefractive index of light at the green mercury e-line(3,m 546,07 nm; seeISO 7944).This wavelength is close to the maximum sensitivity of the eye and has been used as the principal wavelength ofopticall computation for some time.
2.2 Light transmittance
lmmersion oil shall have no regions of selective absorption between 400 nm and 760 nm.The minimum percentagetransmittance measured through a 10 mm cell path shall be as given in table 1.