ISO 8041:2005 pdf download – Human response to vibration -Measuring instrumentation.
band-limited time-averaged vibration acceleration value over the measurement duration, and
— measurement duration.
The human-vibration measuring instrument shall also provide a means of indicatNig whether an overload occurred at any time within the measurement duration.
The human-vibration measuring instrument shall provide a method for setting and adjusting the vibration senstivity.
Human-vibration measuring instruments may contain any or all of the design features for which performance specifications are given in this International Standard. An instrument shall conform to the applicable performance specifications for those design features that are provided,
It the instrument has more than one measurement range, the instrument documentation shall describe the measurement ranges that are induded and the operation of the measurement range control. The Instrument documentation shall also identity which is the reference measurement range.
The reference vibration signal frequencies and values are given in Table 1.
If the Instrument Is capable of measunng the maximum (e.g. MTV’V) and peak vibration values, a Thold” function shall be provided. The instrument documentation shall describe the operation of the hold feature and the method for clearing a display that is held.
Many of the specifications and tests wi this International Standard require the application of electrical signals substitutwig for the signal from the vibration transducer. The instrument documentation shall specify a means for substituting an electrical signal, equivalent to the signal from the vibration transducer, for performing electrical tests on the complete instrument whhoul the vibration transducer. If appropriate, the instrument documentation may describe alternative methods to lest the specified operations of the human vibration meter,
NOTE The manutactwer of the hLenan-ibratlon meter may provide an Input test polnL or a dummy vibration transducer of spectied electflcal enpedance, or an eqi,vaient input adter (electncel or non-electrical) to perform eleCtrical tests on the instrument
The instrument documentation shall specify the maximixn peak vibration at the vibration transducer and the maxi’num peak-to-peak signal (e.g. charge or voltage) that can be applied at the electrical input facility. The maxinium vibration value and the maxrium peak-to-peak voltage shall not cause damage to the instrument.
The tolerance limits given in this International Standard include the associated expanded uncertainties of measurement, calculated for a coverage factor of 2. corresponding to a level of confidence of appmximately 95 %. in accordance with guidance given in the GUM.
5.2 Display of signal magnitude
5,2.1 General
For instruments that can display more than one measurement quantity, a means shall be provided to ascertain clearly the measurement quanly that is being displayed, preferably indicated by standard abbreviations or letter symbols.
The quantities that can be displayed by the human-vibration meter shall be descnbed in the instrument documentation, along with a description of the corresponding indications on each display device
The instrument shal display the frequency-weighted acceleration values. Optionally. it may also display the frequency-weighted acceleration value multiplied by a factor &. as defined in ISO 2631-1. Where the multiplying factors are used, this shall be clearly indicated on the instrument and the instrument shall be capable of displaying the multiplying factors.
Where a combined axis output Is displayed leg. vibration total value, Equation (7)J. the Instrument shall be capable of displaying the values of the mulliplng factors used.
When results of a measurement are provided at a digital output, the instrument documentation shall describe the method for transferring or downloading the digital data to an external data-storage or display device The instrument documentation shell identify the computer software as well as the hardware for the interface,
Internationally standardized interface bus compatibility is recommended
Each alternative device for displaying th. signal value, stated in the instrument documentation as conforming to the specifications of this International Standard, Is considered an integral part of the instrument. Each such alternative device shal be included as part of the components required for conformance to the performance specifications in this clause and the applicable environmental specifications of Oause 7. Examples of alternative display devices include level recorders or computers with monitor screens
For an instrument that uses a display device with a range less than the linear operating range specified in 5.7, the instrument documentation shall describe a means to test the linearity beyond the limits of the indicator range.