ISO 8099:2000 pdf download – Small craft —Toilet waste retention systems.
6.1.3 Back siphoning
Back siphoning ol the contents and escape 04 gas front the holding tank back through the toilet fixture shall be
prevented up to a heel angle to either side of at least 300 for monohull sailing craft, 20° for other craft and a
trimmed condition at the bow or stern of at least 100.
6.1.4 Escape of sewage
Escape of sewage from the holding tank to the exterior of the craft shall be prevented when the boat is heeled to either side at least 300 for monohull sailing craft. 200 for other craft, at 90% of tank capacity and to the interior of the craft under maximum anticipated conditions of heel or trim, 1e 45° for monohull sailing craft, 30° for enginedrtven craft and multihull sailing craft.
6.1.5 Fastening
The holding tank shall be securely fastened and located independently of any connecting piping.
6.1.6 tocation and accessibility
Pump-out deck fittrngs shall be readily accessible, with access. for pump-out connections, and located in relation to
fittings for potable waler and fuel filling to reduce the possibility of accidental contamination.
6.1.7 IndicatIon of contents
The ievei of holding-tank contents shail be observabie when the holding tank is 34 fuli by volume, when the lank is viewed directly while installed in a readily accessible location, or by another means.
6.1.8 Access opening
Holding tanks of capacity greater than 40 litres shall have an accessible sealable, (i.e. vapour and liquid tight) rnini’num opening of 75 mm diameter or smallest dimension to the holding tank interior for flushing, cleaning and maintenance.
6.1.9 Tank walls
Holding tanks shall not have common walls, tops or bottoms with fuel and potable-water tanks.
6.1.10 Hoses and piping
Connecting hoses and piping shall be securely fastened in position to prevent damage by afrasion or vtration.
6.1.11 Accessibility of fittings and connections
Holding-tank fittings and connections shall be accessible for inspection and maintenance.
6.2 System venting for fixed holding tanks
6.2.1 Venting of gases
The system shall provide (or venting of gases within the system to the exterior of the craft at heel angles up to 200 at 90% of tank capacity.
6.2.2 Rigid tanks CapacIty of less than 400 litres
The minimum inside diameter of the vent pipe shall be 19 mm. or a vent pipe of inside diameter not less than 16 mm may be used If the tank is fitted with an automatic (vacuum operated) or manual relief valve with a minimum combined area of 1 100 mm2. Capacity of 400 litres and greater
The minimum inside diameter of the vent pipe shall be 38 mm. or. if multiple vent pipes are used, their inside diameter shall be at least 19 mm and the combined cross-sectional flow area shall be at least equivalent to that of a single vent pipe with an area of 1100 mm2. As an alternative, a vent pipe of inside diameter not less than 16 mm may be used if the tank is fitted with an automatic (vacuum operated) or manuaJ relief valve with a minimum combined area of at least 1100 mm2.
If a manual relief valve is fined, a sign shall be installed, in symbols or language acceptable in the country of use. located in the vicinity of the pump-out deck fitting, indicating that the relief valve must be opened prior to pump out.
6.2.3 Flexible tanks
Flexible (collapsible) tanls shall have at least one vent of inside diameter minimum 16 mm
6.2.4 Inside diameter of fittings
The inside diameter of fittings to which vent ping is connected shall not be less than 75% of the inside diameter
of the piping with a length of less than six times the inside diameter of the I itting
6.2.5 PreventIon of clogging — Pressure resistance
The design and construction of the vent system shall minimize clogging by either the contents of the tanfc or as a
result of dimatic conditions such as snow and ice. The vent shall be capable of resisting, without damage, a
negative pressure of 50 kPa.
6.2.6 Flow area
The minimum flow area through vent screens and equivalent flow resislance of any filters installed in the vent
system shall be not less than the smallest flow area in either the vent pipe or its fittings
6.3 Electrical systems
Electrical systems shall meet the electrical requirements of ISO 13297 and ISO 10133.