ISO 9956-10:1996 pdf download – Specification and approval of weldingprocedures for metailic materials —Part 10: Welding procedure specification for electron beam welding.
3.12 beam deflection
Electromagnetic deflection of the bam from the gun axis.
Periodic deflection of the beam, achieved by electromagnetic forces.
NOTE: An oscillation I. defined by:
a) signal sliape e.g. circular, transversal, longitudinal;
b) the .lgn& amplitude;
C) the frequ.ncy;
dl the orientation in relation to the welding direction.
4 Thchnlc.l contnts of w.kig proc.dur. sp.clflcatlon (WPS)
4.1 General
The welding procedure specification (WPSI shall give details of how a welding operation is to be performed and shall contain all revolant information about the welding work.
Welding procedure specifications may cover a certain range of thicknesses of the joined parts and may also cover a range of parent metals end even filler metals. Some manufacturer. nay additionally prefer to prepare work Instructions for each specific job as part of the detailed production planning.
The information listed below is adequate for most welding operations. For sonic applications it may be necessary to supplement or reduce the list. The relevant information shall be specified in the WPS.
Ranges and tolerances, according to the manufacturer’s experience, shall be specified when appropriate.
An example of the WPS format is shown in annex A.
4.2 Related to the manufacturer
4.2.1 ld.ntlflcatlon of the manufacturer
4.2.2 ld.ntlflcation of the WPS
4.9 JIgs, fixtures and tooling
The methods to be used for workpiece fixturing shall be described (induding manual tack
welding, if used).
4.10 Back and/or front support
Type(s) and dimensions (if any) shall be provided.
4.11 Equipment us.d
iclentificatton of any equipment shaH-be provided.
4.11.1 Electron w.ldwig •qulpm.nt
4.11.2 Filler material(s) f..dlng syst•m (if any)
Description (schematic) showing design, position of the filler material(s) feeding system in relation to joint, welding direction and welding point shall be provided.
4.12 FIller or added material(s) (if any)
The following information shall be provided:
4.12.1 F1lt•r or added material(s) designation
4.12.2 Fill•r or added material(s) dimensions
4.12.3 Filler or added material(s) handling
If a filler or added material is to be cleaned before used, this shall be specified.
4.13 Welding parameters
4.13.1 Electrical parameters
– Accelerating voltage in kilovolt;
– beam current in milliampere (pulse parameters to be defined, if any);
– focusing lens current(s) in ampere;
beam deflection:
– DC deflection;
– AC oscillation : signal shape, and orientation to the welding direction, frequency in hertz, signal amplitude (mm of deflection);
– overlap, slope up, slope down (in seconds, millimetres or degrees); slope profile.
4.13.2. M.chanlcal parameters
– Travel direction induding slewing;
– travel speed;
– travel speed ramping details (if necessary);
– wire/filler feed rate, direction, position to be defined and angle (if any).
4.13.3 Other parameters
– Working distance (in millimetre)andlor gun to work distance;
– pressure in the gun (In pascals or millibar);
– pressure in the chamber (in pascals or millibar).
4.14 Thermal conditions
If preheating and/or postheating are required, the respective conditions shall be defined on the WPS. If the electron beam is used for pre- or post- heating the relevant conditions shall be recorded in annex A.
4.15 Magnetism
If necessary, the components should be demagnetised using an approved procedure with a reference number.
4.16 Operations after welding
Any mechanical and/or chemical and/or heat treatment shall be defined on the WPS.