ISO IEC 24727-6:2010 pdf – ldentification cards – Integrated circuitcard programming interfaces — Part 6: Registration authority procedures for the authentication protocols for interoperability.
From nme to tune RA details may change: consequently ISO also maintains an up’to-date listing of maintenance agencies and registration authorities at the following URL:
ht:www iso, org.1isostandards developmentmaintenance agencies, htm
7 Review of applications
7.1 Procedure
In order for an application to be processed, it shall contain sufficient information to enable the applicant to be identified as a bona4ide organization and able to comply with the conditions for application set by the Registration Authority.
The Registration Authority may investigate unclear or incomplete applications which do not follow its conditions for application, lithe applicant does not agree to the investigation, the application Is rejected.
If the application does not contain the information specified in the conditions for application, the application may be rejected and the applicant notified, citing this sub clause and the specific missing information as the reason for rejection.
lithe RA determines mat the application is appropriate, then it is put into the confirmation process at clause
If the RA determines that the application may not be appropriate, then it shall take any steps contained in its conditions for application.
7.2 Response time
The review of an application under the procedures specified in 7.1 shall normally be completed within 10 working days of the receipt of the application.
7.3 Confirmation process
Details of the successful application shall be recorded on a website maintained by the RA, and the applicant shall be informed of the URL of this site and the OlDs registered.
8 Content of applications
8.1 General
Information required by the RA to conduct the registration process may be submitted by e-mail, facsimile. compact disk or paper copy, or (should the RA chooses to support these options) as a Web-based form or using Web Services protocols. Additional information regarding obligations of the applicants and information regarding applicable laws are contained in the conditions for application of the Registration Authority.
8.2 Applications
The application shall include all the information required by Annexes A. B and C for AP registration and Annex 0 for AP adoption registration including associated requwements stated in those annexes for the inclusion of documents, indemnities and diagrams.
For AP registration the application forms collect the following information:
1) contact and commercial identification information of the applicant;
2) a completed authentication-protocol-template (derived from ISO/IEC 24727•3 Annex A and B) populated with specific details of the authentication protocol proposed and cryptographic algorithms supported;
3) Intellectual property details of the applicant and the AP including patent country and patent number and ownership;
4) an authenticationprotocol-test-pIan (APTP) populated with specific details required to test the proposed AP according to ISO1EC 24727-5 o be publlshedj;
5) the Certification form, see Annex C;
6) other comments the applicant requires for publication.
For AP adoption registration the application form collects the following information:
1) contact and commercial information of the applicant;
2) name of the operation, specification, standard or recommendation which uses the RAP OlD
3) the RAP OlD to be used;
4) the cryptographic algorithms supported;
5) the ISO/IEC 24727.4 Stack Model supported;
6) other comments the applicant requires for publication.
8.3 Maintenance ot a web-based register
The RA shall maintain two registers to Include the following:
— registered authentication protocol including the registered OlD;
— a register of authentication-protocol-adoption including the OlD adopted.
Each entry shall give the identifier information, together with a link to the full details provided in the approved application with the exception of payment related information and signatures.
The RA shall provide a website which displays the contents of the registers. The RA shall be responsible for determining the internal procedures necessary for the maintenance of the register in a timely and appropnate manner.