ISO IEC 24800-2:2011 pdf – Information technology – JPSearch – Part 2: Registration, identification and management of schema and ontology.
Al General information
The JPSearcti registration mechanasm supports registration and request of metadata schernas and its translation rules or links to them. This registration is performed by the JPSearch Registration Authority (JPSRA). ISO/IEC JTC1 maintains a list of registration authorities at httpilwww.iso.orglis&maintenance_agencies.
The users of services provided by JPSRA may submit their JPSearch compliant metadata schema and corresponding translation rules for JPSearch Core schema to the JPSRA for registration. Other users may utilize the JPSRA services to find registered schemes and translation rules, Submitters are responsible for keeping their schemas and translation rules available online to allow validation of external independent applications.
The JPSRA shall verify the correctness of the provided information and shall perform regular checks to verify that the registered information and links keep valid. Furthermore, the JPSRA shall provide for easy identification of metadata schemes and translation rules,
A.2 Acess to the JPSearch Registration Authority
The JPSRA web site shaM provide forms for Registration Application, Request for Registered Information, and
Request for Replacement. All the cases use a form that is encoded in XML with the root element
SchemaManagement that is described in clause 5 (Management of core schema and translation rules).
The form of Registration Application shall indude the following information:
• provider information that contains name, description, contact information, and provider capability,
• schema information that contains description, name. version. identifier, and location,
• translation rules that specifies the rules wiuich are necessary for reformulating a query from the reference metadata model to the registered target rnetadata model
The form of Request for Registered Information shall include the following information:
• schema information.
• translation rule that is registered for the translation between a proprietary schema to the core schema.
• translation rule that is registered for the translation between the core schema to a proprietary schema,
The form of Request for Replacement shall include the following information:
• provider information,
• schema identification information,
In the case of Regstralion Applcabons. a technical review committee is set up to review the applications. This committee is composed of Registration Authority members and may use software tools to help in the application evaluation process. The applications are answered by the review committee en less than three weeks after the application submission date.
The review committee accepts or rejects the application, based on the acceptance criteria in A4.
If accepted, the new registered schema and corresponding translation rules are allocated an identifier (ID). The ID shall then be used for management of schema and translation rules.
Once the application has been reviewed and accepted, the JPSRA notifies the user of a positive or negative response to the registration request. The response to the user shall indude a short explanation of the results of the technical review
A negative response may be appealed If the registrant believes that there was an error made in the rejection, or when further information is required to clarify issues or concerns. If the registrant requests additional review beyond the Authoritys process, the case may be submitted to ISOI1EC JTC1!SC29IWGI for review, who might require the JPSRA to re-evaluate the application.
The form of result for Registration Application shall include the following information:
• identification Information for schema or translation rule.
• status, warning, or exception information,
• information about the details of the result.
The form of result for Request for Registered Information shal include the following information:
• schema or translation rules Identification information,
• information about the location where the schema andlor the translation rules can be obtained,
• information about the provider of services for the requested schema andlor translation rules.
The form of result for Request of Replace shall indude the following information:
• Identification Information for schema,
• status, warning, or exception information.
A.4 Acceptance criteria for registration applications
An application is always accepted unless one or more of these situations occur
• The applicant is not eligible, i.e. the submitter is not an identifiable person or organization.
• An approved, registered schema or translation rules already exist that contain identical content that the submission.
• The information In the application is incomplete or incomprehensible.